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Faith Ola’s Blog also known as FOB is a Blogging, life and style blog that dishes out contents which inspires, build and help you develop. We are focused on creating a community (FOBNation) that inspires, help you as an Entrepreneur, Blogger whilst consciously living positively.

We Believe

You can be your own boss while playing deaf to the society and its pressures as you consciously achieve that goal that seemed too big.

We Share

On FOB, we share topics which are geared to help you Boss up as a blogger and online business entrepreneur, inspire and help your day to day living in a pressure-filled world.

Blogging and its Resources

After wasting 3-years as a Blogger and of course learning the hard way and also getting to discover the need to read and grow consciously. On this Blog, we share blogging tips, blogging resources and how to turn that Blog and online business into revenue with simple steps.

Life and Style

about-faithola-bloggerOn FOB we share contents on living not just living but living and doing YOU.  So many things form your Lifestyle, relationship, friends, connects, how positive you are and how you handle your day to day fights with life. We share all that is about You whilst inspiring you.

Travel and Wanderlust

Travelling is an essential part of life. There is a popular saying by folks.

“One who stays in the kitchen gets fat in the stomach, while one that travels gets fats in the head”. On the column FOB Travels, we give you a sneak peek into the world especially Africa, travelling tips, best flight deals and bookings you don’t want to miss.