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While thinking of what to write next on Blogging, I asked a few persons and some left feedbacks that they would want to know how to start a blog from scratch. P.s Some already own a blog.

Today, I will share 3-tips on what you need to consider before starting a blog.
What do you find convenient to write on

What many do, especially Nigerians who want to be bloggers. All they know about blogging is the gossip kind of blogging represented by celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji, so once you say blogging what comes into their mind is the Linda kind of blog. So what do they do?

Since they can’t break news like Anty Linda they begin to copy and paste and expect money to start gushing out immediately.
I’m telling anyone reading this right now, never to make the kind of mistake I made.
The first step is to find out what is convenient for you?
What do you like?
Do you love travelling and talking about it or you are good at lifestyle? This serves as a building block to your blogging journey.

How enlightened are you?

You must not know everything, you cannot have everything figured out but Ignorance is going to hurt you when you realize how wasteful and naïve you have been.
I made that mistake when I started blogging, I barely knew nothing about blogging. So, if you thinking of starting a blog.
I will advise you ask yourself these questions before starting.
What is a blog?
Why do I want to blog?
How will I manage the blog?
What is a niche?
Who are those doing well in the niche I have chosen?
What are my goals?
If I start blogging today, where do I see myself in 3-5years time?
Who is my potential audience?
If you can answer these questions conveniently, you are on the right path in setting your Blog goals and plans.
Well defined blog goals form the basis of everything. It determines the looks ‘design’ of your blog, your niche, how you create your content, it makes you vision driven because you know what you what.
When I started blogging, I never knew what I wanted because I had little or no knowledge about what I was venturing into. It took me 2-years to be able to define my goals, which is what you can avoid if you are reading this blog post.

How creative am I?

The basics of every good blog are good and quality content. The kind of contents you put out there is a function of the Kind of niche you have chosen.
You might be wondering what a niche is?
A niche is a particular topic or area you want to write on. Some niches include entertainment, Blogging, news, gossip, lifestyle, health, photography, movies, sports, politics etc.
But, niches can be combined. It’s actually very important you choose a niche. This is one of the things I wish I knew when I started blogging but I am currently re-branding. Well, that’s news for another day.
These steps may not be all you need to know before starting a blog but they can serve as a guide.
Bloggers reading this blog post, how did you start?
Are you thinking of starting a blog? Do you need help in building your new blog?
Author: Faith Ola
Faith Oladosu Inspires teaches Blogging and talk entrepreneurship. She loves travelling and reading. She Believes anyone can be Anything, 'only' if you put your heart to it. Join me in my Webinars, e-courses and Blog as we grow together.

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