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Hey Guys!!!
If you are reading this blog right now, all I can say is that you are the real MVP. They say change is one of the most constant things in life. Yea! I know right? Changed happened to my Niche too. Lol.

If you always come around this blog to read entertainment news. I am so sorry. Can we try something new together?

Ok enough!!! the question is why I changed my niche. Why all these changes?

Well, guys. I have always wanted to do this, change my niche. Since 2016 when I did a little change on the looks of my blog. I also wanted to change the niche of the blog but I was so scared of the change. I knew i had more to offer than what i brough to the table, with all the copy and paste in the industry. The questions and fears were.

  • What will the blog bring?
  • Will I be able to get loyal readers? will people buy into my blog and products?
  • Will I be able to create relevant contents. The questions were much that I gave in to doing the Entertainment Blog ones more cus of my fears.

Well, after my birthday in November last year, I decided to kill all my fears and fulfil life purpose. I took down the blog and the process of building this one commenced and today I am so excited about opening it once more. I am quite nervous but I hope this will bring me so much happiness and all I wished for.

What to expect from the New FOB

Firstly, let me clear the air. On this blog, original contents are what you should expect.
Contents spanning from Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle and Travels.
If you are a blogger or website owner, you should stick around because we will be having a lot of rides together.

Generally, this blog will be more of life relating issues. We intend solving problems and building a stronger community (FOBNation). If you have been a FOBer, I am so grateful that you stuck with this far. I hope we will have more stories as I turn a new page on this Diary.

Also, I will be launching webinars, e-courses and sharing all the awesomeness I have learnt after 3-years of being a blogger miss road. Girl, I tell you, we will be having lots to learn from each other. You can read more here.

I love you all. Let’s make magic together,

Author: Faith Ola
Faith Oladosu Inspires teaches Blogging and talk entrepreneurship. She loves travelling and reading. She Believes anyone can be Anything, 'only' if you put your heart to it. Join me in my Webinars, e-courses and Blog as we grow together.

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