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The New media and Entrepreneur’s meet up organised by the South-South Media Week was held today and the venue was the BookPod in Port Harcourt.I attended this event and it was really inspiring and filled with exchanging contacts with those who are interested in your brand and your business, especially brands in Port Harcourt.

It was supposed to start with a tour around the facility which did not hold due to timing and we went straight to the first session.

This session was tagged ‘UPS’ Unique selling point and each participant representing each brand were asked to give what the felt I the unique selling point of their brand.

The session was filled with the sharing of ideas, thoughts.

Almost all industries are highly competitive. E.g the bogging industry in Nigeria is highly crowded especially after the rise of high profiled blogger Linda Ikeji.

So I’m tempted to ask you, what is the unique selling point of your brand?

The  next session dealt with mental health, handled by Karena of Gistalways and finally, we all discussed and shared our ideas on the questions below;

Greatest challenges

My greatest challenges as a blogger are time, data and light. These are my biggest challenges as a young blogger without a stable source of income yet.

How long have you been using social media for business

I was this time who never want to be found on social media but recently I have fallen in love with Instagram.

I have been able to gather over 700+ followers in two weeks of activeness on the platform. Are we friends yet, let’s mingle @faithola_

How many benefits so far?

The truth is I have met amazing persons on Instagram and within the space of two weeks.

I have turned followers to friends and I’m looking forward to making the page a source of a steady stream of income.

How much response have you gotten from businesses using social media

Lots of responses in the last two weeks. People look at my page and are like wow, you have something you are raising here. Let’s collaborate.

What has been your most embarrassing moment in the business

I don’t think I have any for now.

Generating Content

In as much as my Niche is funny, I try as much as I can to generate my own content whilst thinking out of the box.

So,  I decided to answer some of the Questions asked here.

I am leaving these questions here because I want you to take your time and answer these questions, it could be a turning point for your business.

But don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment session. I would love to read them. We collaborated, communicated, connected, exchanged, ideas and had fun. More pictures below:















Author: Faith Ola
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