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Getting high-resolution images for your social media pages or blog may be one of the reasons why you get tired of blogging or posting.

When people visit your blog, website or social media pages, apart from your content one of the things that keep them coming back for more aesthetics, designs, your image quality.

Everything good thing starts with the eyes seeing, that’s why the word “Catchy came to play”. No one ignores good designs.

If you are like me who always want quality images and at the same time do not own a high-quality camera like the Canons, Nikkon and Sony Mirrorless.

Visiting photo studios on a daily may not be favourable to your pocket and sometimes you may not be able to get the kind of image you already have in your head.

Example: You are writing a blog post on how to blog and you need a picture of a laptop, a work station or you are writing on travelling and need pictures.

At this point, you are stuck, at the same time avoiding to go on google and pick just any picture with the worst quality. You just want the best quality for free.

The amazing thing about these sites I will be listing below is that you get different beautiful pictures ranging from travels, fashion, food, blogging, life, books and a long list too numerous to mention for free.

These images come without even a copyright law attached to them. Sounds awesome right? You are itching to know them.

  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • foodiesfeed

free-high-resolution-imagesThe image above was gotten from Unsplash. I just typed I a search term “International Women’s Day”.

I wanted an image for International Women’s Day and boom, I was showed amazing images which I could pick as much as I want for free.

This is one of my favourite and ready to go-to high-resolution images for free sites.

Unsplash shares a variety of images, ranging from nature, blogging, arts, fashion, styles, books, nature, travels. All for free with no attribution required for zero dollars “Freeeeee”. and

sites-with-free-quality-images-faitholaPixabay and Pexels perform almost the same functions as Unsplash, high-resolution images for free, no attribution or even a watermark attached to them.

On Pexels, I typed in a search term Blogger Flatlays and the image above is what I got. You can input whatever search term on your mind.

While Pixabay I used the search the Cameras and I was shown various awesome images.


free-high-resolution-images-for-food-bloggersFoodiesfeed Unlike other sites listed above which offers free pictures on other things with little or nothing about food.

This site provides high-resolution images of different varieties of fruits, food and all that comes with it. Are you a food blogger? please turn to your neighbour and say ‘Cry no more’.

Exploring these sites is quite easy. All you need to do is type what you are searching for in the navigation bar and all you need in varieties will be served classy, simple and easy.

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Author: Faith Ola
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