Girl boss is not just about being a feminist and it is not feminism. Almost every educated lady out there wants to be a Girl Boss and sometimes it is often associated to feminism but I kid you not, being a Girl boss is more than wanting or being an entrepreneur, it is more than wanting to be in control of your own life, being a girl boss exceeds feminism, it exceeds smashing goals.


Being a Girl Boss involves living for Purpose, you are conscious of who you are.  sometimes, we fail to understand our surroundings, our potentials.

You fail to understand who you are and the whole package you have in you. This is applicable to many persons who call themselves Girl Boss, Millennial women.

How to Become a Girl Boss Using these Easy Steps

How to Become a Girl Boss:  12 Things Every Girl Boss should Do in order to Level Up that you Fail to Do

A Girl Boss Is Original: Be Original

Being original means being you, you understand that you do not need to be like others, you own what you are and that’s you. Your originality.

Amy Porterfield once stated, “When you OWN what makes you different, you start to get KNOWN”.

You can never be known or express your full potential when you do what others do. When you follow because others are moving towards that direction but you do not know where they are heading.

As a Girlboss, you should understand that you are a woman of worth, Purpose and Value and everything you need to stand out is within you.

A Girl boss Understands She is the Bag- You Are The Bag

Take your time and ask ladies around you. What do they have their eyes on in terms of their goals… Do this and find out what their struggles are?

I bet you a huge number of women will say they have their eyes on a job, a house, a promotion and marriage.

These are some bags many ladies want and sometimes they chase these things badly and forget how important they are to themselves.

Take this or abandon it “Girl you are so important to yourself”. You need to consciously grow in health, in love, in care, in wisdom just for you.

You have the power to Unleash creativity and until you realize you are worth millions you can’t look at yourself differently. You cannot unleash the creativity in you to transform that brand, business, Blog, Marriage and life.

Have a Reading List and Grow in knowledge on a daily;

I will tell you a story. When I re-branded my blog in January and I started once more. I was lost, very lost. I thought I knew better but the more I do my research and read about blogging and how to grow my blog in several aspects.

I realized how I have wasted 3-years already in mediocrity and every day I tell anyone who cares to listen that ” Ignorance is one of our major enemies orchestrated by us”.

It’s one of the reasons we use the excuse ‘I don’t know’ and we let it stop us from taking actions.

Seriously, this innocent-sounding excuse shows up in sneaky, subtle ways no matter how experienced you are.

You do not die the day you officially close your eyes and your body gets cold. You die on the day you decide to stop learning.


Mindset Adjustment Questions for you

How often do you read?

When was the last time you researched on trends in your industry? how much money and time do you spend on books, courses, materials, podcasts and valued information?

What you, as a girl boss heading for the sky should understand is that knowledge distinguishes you from others and ignorance is no excuse for failure or stagnation.

So Girl, go for knowledge. There is ALWAYS more to know, you, me and every self-conscious woman, should be hungry to learn.

Do things that scare you

As a Girl boss crushing down big goals should be one of the adventures you will love to participate in. Nelson Mandela stated that “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

When I started working on a digital product the first thing that tried to scare me ” Will people accept my product” I became my own racist but I remember whatever scares me is what I should crush with a positive result.

So my question for you is, do you face impostor syndrome?

The imposter syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behaviour where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Sometimes you ask yourself maybe my e-course shouldn’t be up the amount I have set out for it because people may not appreciate it and call it too pricy or you tell yourself you can’t have a breakthrough in your industry because you are not enough.

Every effort you make in creating something you will love to call yours is being pushed down by you with the feeling “you are not enough”.

Girl, You are Enough and this whole universe can never be complete without you. The Universe needs you to unleash your creativity. That’s why it is called a “You-universe”.

Wondering how to smash those goals that seemed too big and scary. How you can beat imposter syndrome. If you feel scared about certain goals or you have difficulty breaking down those smart goals into actionable plans. Then, this free cheat sheet is for you..

She is Organized

What we lack most times is being organized and true to ourselves. For every business to succeed there has to be a form of organization.

If you can apply that to our Blogs, businesses and even personal life. There will be little or no room for time-wasting activities. So every girl Boss needs a planner.

So handy to use, a tracker for organization and there are tools for organizing digitally too. Asana works. So you should grab yours and have a productivity pack.

Be Positive

As a girl boss, your journey to success and healthy living starts with your ability to surround yourself with positive energy. A girl boss, entrepreneur or human, in general, you need to be able to decipher negative energy and shield yourself away from it.

One of the things every Girlboss that know their worth, they control all that happens around them. Who they allow into their lives, who they give permission to be with them and how it all happens. Do you control the energy level around you?

A Girl Boss is Always Prepared:

How well are you prepared? A Girlboss is always prepared to meet the right opportunity. She recognizes her strength, skills and all she carries in her. She understands that not all doors are an opportunity and she is prepared for the right opportunity.

She wears her Confidence, not Pride:

Have you ever come across a woman who knows her worth? She is classy, easy-going yet not proud. The aura she exudes, she is calm yet brainy. She is gentle yet smart and she understands she is the bag.

For you to be successful at anything you do, you need to have some levels of confidence in what you do. Confidence comes as a result of having trust in yourself. The belief “I can do and I got this”.

Self-confidence helps to beat out inferiority complex, cinderella syndrome and all that baggage that comes with looking down on yourself.

She Understands Self-Love

Self-love is one of the most abused phrases on the internet today. But how many persons understand and practice self-love? If you go out there and ask different persons this simple sentence ” Do you love yourself”?

You would probably get 95% of Yes’s but ask them what is one thing you which to change about your body, your looks, yourself and you may be getting an endless love.

The ability for you to understand that you are not perfect and will never be perfect no matter how you work to become perfect. The goal shouldn’t be to become perfect but working towards perfection in all ramifications.

Self-love allows you to understand all that has been listed above.

She is in constant competition with herself

In the Girl Boss Guide, one of the Quotes stated: “A Girl Boss does not rise by bringing down others, yet she supports other women around her”.

Honestly, the random competition and ‘Rat race’ happening everywhere have made a lot of persons to lose themselves, their value even purposes while trying to compete.

They have burnt bridges while trying to outshine others. A Girl Boss is never in a competition with anyone but herself. She understands she meant to stay instead of trying to fit into the Box.

She strives to be a better vision of herself on a daily. Have you ever achieved something and instead of feeling you won someone else. There is a feeling of self-accomplishment. The feeling that you became a better person than who you were yesterday.

Instead of trying to become someone else, instead of trying to walk in someone else’s shadow. Why don’t you step into the light and be yourself?

She is Consistent

Consistency is a currency in Blogging or any business which no successful business owner can never attest to not using it. Every successful Girlboss is consistent.

Consistency is a habit every Girl boss should cultivate. Oh, P:S here is a list of 5-Blogging Habits You Overlook That will Transform Your Blog


A case study of two fashion Bloggers.

Mel and Nana are both fashion Bloggers. Mel runs her fashion Blog which she has management tools. She consistently writes Blogpost once in a week.

she spends the remaining days of the week promoting her blog post on different platforms.  She puts down these steps in a planner.

Mel is very consistent with her schedule and her blog readers know when to expect a new blog post.

Nana is also a fashion blogger. She has no blogging schedule. She posts at random. sometimes 3-post after 3-weeks of not posting. Sometimes 7-post a month and two months of not posting any new blog post. Her blog readers find it difficult to understand her schedule.

Consistency is a habit, a tool, a currency, a criterion for successful businesses.

Who is more consistent? who is likely to have loyal readers and audience? who will have stable traffic?

She meditates and Maintains a Healthy Mind

Every human should spend at least 5 to 10-minutes every day on meditation. Meditation helps to keep your mind in check. It allows you to look at possibilities from a place of peace, not war.

Do you even spend your time meditating on how to achieve certain laid down plans and how do you feel after this process?

She is Thankful for her Achievements, Big or Small

Do you know that Gratitude is lifting up the enlightened ones? How can you know how far you have come if you never look back to count those blessings, achievements and success?

Listen up, there is a lot to be thankful for. I once read on a very popular blogger’s blog. Do you know what she was doing? She made a whole post just to say thank you to all those who stuck with her brand.

So many persons overlook the power of gratitude. Gratitude doesn’t necessarily have to be shown to others on your success but it is a way of counting your success and taking stock on goals you have smashed successfully.

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Before we wrap this up. what Girl Boss habit was missing before?  Which will you be practising to level up?

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