You are getting burnt out because of blogging and you are beginning to wish there are best steps to become a more productive blogger and still have the time for yourself and maybe family. if you do not consciously work on time management towards your blog. Somehow either as a newbie or someone who has been blogging for some time you may become frustrated.

1. Batch up your work


Becoming a more productive blogger means you want to get things done easily, in a more organised pattern yet efficient. You need to batch up your work dedicating an amount of time to do a particular thing before moving on to the next rather than trying to do everything at the same time. 
Sometime in August, I took a break to rest for sometime before coming back to the Blog. When I got back to work, I found out there were tons of things to fix. Firstly, I knew I needed to come up with new blog posts.
Also, reorganised my Pinterest because my traffic dropped due to the expiration of my Tailwind subscription. I also needed to build a landing page. These and many other things were on my list.
Instead of batching up things as I would do normally, I decided to go with the flow and it was messy. I ended up not achieving much like I’ll do if I batched things up.
Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Tools you can use to Batch up your work

You can use Trello or Asana to batch up and manage your work either as a blogger or as a team of bloggers. But if you are like me who love jotting things down in my book or planner with different pen colours.
Well, I recommend you get a notebook and pen by your side whenever you Blog or maybe an Evernote application on your PC and phone in order to help you keep track as you go.
Evernote automatically sync’s whatever you wrote using your phone into the application when you put on your PC and vice versa.
This a relief right? You do not have to bother rewriting as most bloggers used their laptops when publishing a blog post.

2. Write Blog Post before time and Schedule your Post:  

Creating a blog post is one of the reasons why most bloggers abandon their blog because they feel they are already getting burnt out or may never be creative enough. 

3. How to Come up with Blogpost:

4. Create a flexible Blog Pots writing Routine and Plan your Blog Post:

The reason why most bloggers get burnt out and sometimes almost want to give up blogging is that they are either having a creative blog or lost their Mojo. You can read all about that here. In case you are feeling burnt out have lost your Mojo). 
It is necessary to have a schedule. Many bloggers put it in form of a blog calendar. Choose a schedule that works best for you. If you will be publishing a new blog post once or twice a week. It is necessary to state that clearly, in your blog planner.
This automatically means to be productive in this area, you need to plan out your content either using a content calendar or using a simple notepad or blog planner. 
Personally, I started blogging without a schedule that was why when I had to deal with my final days in the university and I could barely keep up with the blog because I decided to go with the flow instead of planning my content before time.
Always move around with a note pad either on your phone or bag, you don’t when an idea will pop.

5. Create a Blogpost Scheduling Routine 


If you are to publish two blog post each week and you have let’s say two or three topics you cover on your as an extension of your blog niche.
Write your blog post and schedule them the previous week prior to publishing. This doesn’t mean that scheduling a blog post a week before publishing has any special effect but it gives you time to organise your blogpost and also carry out necessary checks on it such as SEO, grammar checks, make good images that convert for Pinterest and a host of others.
Scheduling your posts takes away pressure from you and allow you to concentrate on whatever you may be doing at that point. 
Melyssa Griffin agrees that she experienced major growth when she stopped publishing so much blog post every month and stuck with a one month-one blog post routine. She channelled her energy to promoting her blog post and her digital courses hence bringing more income and reaching out to more audience.  
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6. Important Tools that can Help You Become a More Productive Blogger


7. Use Grammar editors: 

Grammar editors such as Grammarly can be used to edit your text and grammar: Even though you are a professor of English, you still need to proofread your work before publishing.
The same applies to bloggers. in order to save time, it is important to use grammar editors. I have been using Grammarly for over a year to edit my grammar before hitting the publish button.
This tool has a free and premium version. So you don’t need to worry if you can’t afford the premium version yet.

8. Install Yoast SEO:

One of the criteria for a blog to be classified as healthy is the ability of Search engines to crawl the website.
Going around to read each blog post in other to find out which post has been optimized can be a mess. One of the easiest tools that help bloggers keep their search engine optimization intact, is the Yoast SEO.
The Yoast Seo plugin is not available for Blogger and Wix users. The plugin can be installed in WordPress. For each blog post in your dashboard, it signifies how many per cent of optimization and the right format to follow. So is your Seo in check?

9. Use Canva to make Quick, Simple yet converting Pinterest Images:

Canva has proven to be one of the simplest yet functional application for making beautiful Pinterest images and other kinds of blog banners.
It can be used for making PDF’s. You can leave this template on your dashboard which you can edit at will.
Instead of designing every time you want to create a Pinterest image you can edit your previous template. This helps you maintain a brand style and also helps you save time. 

10. Use Tailwind to Schedule Pins on Pinterest:

Tailwind over time has proven to be a productive tool for easier Pinterest results. The beautiful thing about Tailwind is that you may not blog for even a month but still get tons of traffic to your blog and your content still goes out to your audience using Tailwind as a scheduler.
Tailwind has a feature which loops your previous pins. Which means pins old pins will be shuffled and sent as fresh pins to your boards. This helped me become a more productive blogger and also drives traffic back to an old blog post.
This drives lots of traffic and with this, you could buy yourself some time off and do other things while your blog traffic handles itself and your SEO still ok.

11. Re-purpose your Content:

One sweet spice of a productive blogger is having evergreen content. Blogging evolves and you can agree with me that your content when you started blogging and right now are not the same.
About a year back, I wrote a content 3-things every blogger needed to know in 2018, I was proud of myself over that content. Earlier this year, I had a look at it and I said to myself “girl you can do better than this”.
So I picked up that same content and added more words to it, created new images and also created three different sibling pins on Pinterest. 

Repurposing your old content can be done using the following means:

i. Create good Pinterest images that will convert

ii. Rewrite your content and include more words

iii. Delete irrelevant images 

iv. Create content upgrade: It is important to note that making your blog stand out need more than just traffic. You have to retain your blog visitors and one of the ways to do that is by having a content upgrade. This is something that could be added to your lead magnet I exchange for your mail.

v. You could add a content upgrade to your old blogpost.

vi.  Link old blogpost to a newer blog post: Interlinking your contents is a very good SEO practice.

12. Starve your Distractions and Become a More Productive Blogger

I brought this last but this is one of the most important steps.  Have you ever been writing a blogpost and a chat from your buddy pops up?
When you take a break to check it out only to come back and you can’t find a connection to the post you have been working on? You start struggling to create a sentence successfully.
Now, that’s an example of a distraction. How can you become more productive as a blogger when you currently feed your distractions?

How to starve your distractions and become more productive as a blogger 


Close all apps that you can not resist opening if something pops up.

Block certain links: Can you remember the last time you wrote a blog post? Your phone beeped and you were disconnected.

Your friend mailed you and you stopped to check it. Oh, that affiliate sent a notification. something is going viral on Instagram and Twitter and you just stopped to check. How much time did you waste?

All of these are just distractions and sometimes will make you lose that flow. To avoid distractions, I added Simple Blocker to my browser as an extension.

Simple Blocker allows you to block a particular URL for sometime after which it will resume once the session is over. You can use this tool to put off your distractions.

Put kids away if you are a mom blogger: For mom bloggers, we all agree that your top source distractions are your kids. 

Ladies and gentlemen, use the power of earpiece and good music to shut out the world as you try to create a blog post, a lead magnet.

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