• Ultimate Hacks to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

    10 Ultiimate hacks to grow your email list with pinterest. I used this easy guide to grow my list by 200%. How to use pinterest to increase blog traffic

      Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog and website. You can make money from your blog using Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the best ways and place I use to grow my email list and blog traffic and so many other bloggers use Pinterest too.  But there are […]

  • 12 Frugal Budget Hacks for Bloggers

    Frugal Budget Hacks for Bloggers and how to get blogging resources for free and cheaper cost

    When starting a blog or running any business, we desire to make maximum profit from minimal spending and that is important if you want to live frugally. Apart from getting the basics, such as paying for website hosting, a domain name, legal pages, a website theme, email marketing and social automation tools you should go […]

  • 13 Common Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make (How to fix them)

    13-Common blogging mistake bloggers make-and-how-to-fix-them

    So you are just starting a blog or maybe you have been blogging for a while well, most common blogging mistakes are not limited to new bloggers alone. Blogging is an over-saturated industry and what you see on the internet. Post like “Start and run a profitable blog within 10 minutes”. Viola! with the skyrocket […]

  • 14 Best Steps to Become More Productive Blogger


    You are getting burnt out because of blogging and you are beginning to wish there are best steps to become a more productive blogger and still have the time for yourself and maybe family. if you do not consciously work on time management towards your blog. Somehow either as a newbie or someone who has […]

  • 18 Free Stock Photo sites and How to Use them

    Stock photos are very important in the business of Blogging and designs. You need them for your social media pages. Every serious blogger always wants stock photos but I bet you, a majority do not own a camera or even if they do. Honestly, you cannot create new images every time you want to make […]

  • 5-Blogging Habits You Overlook that Will Transform Your Blog


    Every Blogger has his or her own story to share but if you ask them what they want right now, many will say they want traffic, they want to make money from their Blog. Some will say ‘Oh I want to sell my products” and the long endless list continuous. I have a question for […]

  • 3-Tips For Picking a Profitable Blog Niche


    Blogging evolves each day, for you to succeed as a Blogger, you need to have your focus clearly defined and this is where the issue of Niche picking comes to play. The importance of having a clearly defined blog niche if put down comes with an endless list.