Have you been thinking about all your laid down goals and how you have failed to achieve those goals before the first half of the year is over and now here is the second half of the year starring right back at you. Maybe your case is that you haven’t been able to beat those goals and you are filled with emotions. Maybe your case is that you feel hopeless and helpless.

All that plays right in your head is that the year is already coming to an end and you feel you may never achieve your laid down goals.

Permit Me to Rephrase this whole thing with a Story

Well, somewhere and some time at the beginning of the year I wrote down a list of things I really wanted to do but I never believed or understood that there was more to what I wanted until I took a break from wanting more to discover more.

One of the things I wanted badly was to grow my blog because I had just conceived the idea of changing my blog niche. It was one of my biggest fear. The fear to start again but I had beaten it and all I could tell myself was “Now I have done it and I feel lost”.

I took 2-months off the Blog and while discovering purpose. I decided to read, learn and discover all I can do right now with my Blog. Instead of feeling sorry for myself about all the years, I felt I had wasted doing the wrong things. I developed the habit of feeling grateful for the little things I had at that point whilst working on me. But this attitude of gratitude made me look at the positive sides of everything.

So, if you are feeling you are a failure. Oh, your Blog or business haven’t grown into a six or seven figures blog or business yet and your mailing list has been static. You feel hopeless and helpless that the year is coming to an end and you haven’t achieved those goals.

Here are things to do, to Kick start Your Blog and Business for the next half of the year and Achieve those laid down goals


Step Number 1: Get a Gratitude Jar

Add gratitude to your morning routine. Instead of thinking or feeling sorry for yourself about all you could have achieved if only you could do this and the that.

Get a jar, when you wake up each morning. Write down ten things you are grateful for and all you have gotten so far. If you have no jar, you can use a notepad and pen down all you are grateful for each day.

This should be included in your routine. Try out this routine for 30-days and if you see no improvements on how you feel. Please drop it but if you feel any difference then continue this routine for the rest of the year.

Step Number 2: Stop feeling sorry and re-evaluate your Goals

Instead of feeling sorry why don’t you take a break for a few weeks. During this period of break from your life struggles, It’s not a time to sleep, spend your time on Netflix.

Re-evaluate your goals and go for new ideas to solving these problems.

How to re-evaluate your goals

So many persons have different ways they unwind and grab new ideas. So which works for you? Some persons feel better and fresh after going on a trip alone, go to a spa read, swim and how funny it may sound, some love boxing or running to clear their head.

Ways to re-evaluate Yourself and Your Goals


1. Pick new books and other resources:

I remember when I felt like I would give up on Blogging. In fact, I thought about it severally. That was even after I rebranded. I was lost. I felt like oh no this thing is no longer for me and I will never be able to find myself.

I had just switched from Blogger to Wordpress platform and everything seemed strange to me. I really got stuck and lost at the same time and at this point, I decided to take a break instead of quitting.

2. Take a Break if Possible:

I took 8-weeks break from the blog and during this period I will read other blogs and books of successful Bloggers who turned their Blogs into millions of dollar businesses.

During my quest for knowledge and curiosity to feel the void I was feeling at that point. I discovered Melyssa Griffin, and she remained on top of my list. I ravaged her resource library and curiosity took me from one stage of learning to the other.

Each time, I took notes and made a list of all I will do once I was back to the Blog. During this period of re-evaluation. Do not keep your mind empty, keep feeding it with positive things about what you want to do

3. Go out for a walk:

When you go for a walk or a sit out at the park, don’t forget to go with a notepad and a pen. Jolt down ideas that come your way no matter how crazy they may sound or seem. When I go out to a park and return to my bed. I fell different. That cool breeze from nature, the scenery and tranquillity bless my soul.

4. Listen to Great music:

Music has a way of ministering to souls. If you are a music lover. If you listen to great music. You may find motivations and inspirations from them.

5. Carry out your re-evaluation process:

Your process of re-evaluation shouldn’t be done in a hurry. Move at a pace that is very comfortable for you. At this point, if have been able to gather new ideas. The next step is to list those goals you couldn’t hit in the last six months.

Go around the steps and plans you intended or tried to achieve those goals. Compare them to what you have gathered again and made comparisons.

One thing I want you to have somewhere in your heart is that goals changes. What may matter to you six months ago may not be the same right now.

Goals and Priorities Changes over time

In January when I made my new year plans, I wanted to grow my social media following on Instagram. It was one of the top things on my list. Last month when I was rewriting those goals, the top on y list is growing my Email list. You know why?

Those two months of break and re-evaluation helped me to see what’s best for me and the brand I am building. Don’t quote me wrong, having a huge Instagram following is a blessing but right now I will rather have 500 persons on my email list than 1000 followers on Instagram.

So if you go through this process or re-evaluation, your goals may have a slight change because you may find purpose.


3. Create and make your Goals Smart: Penning down goals can never be a problem but achieving and sticking to those goals may become the problem.  In this cheat sheet, I created easy steps on how to crush big goals. You do not need to be a professional at goal setting to do these easy steps.

How to create and achieve smart goals:

You should create a list of your goals for the remaining part of the year. Include those from the first half that you weren’t able to crush. (Have you grabbed my simple cheat sheet on crushing scary goals yet?. If you haven’t, get it here). Break them into a series of actionable plans. E.g divide them into a monthly to-do list and create a sequence on how you want to achieve each goal. I created a small Goals actionable workbook that I use to make my goals smart and actionable.

Become a Girl Boss:  12 Ways to Become a Girl Boss. Things every Girl Boss should do

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Resource Library is one of the ways to get people indulged and stuck with you as a brand. Find out why and how to do that here.

How do you keep your hope alive and achieve those goals that seemed impossible at the beginning of the year?

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