How important is finding out how to create multiple pins on Pinterest important to me as a blogger, I know that may be ringing in your head right now.

Pinterest is one of the ways bloggers drive tons of organic traffic to their blog. Recently, Pinterest updated its algorithm and announced that they will be giving more considerations to fresh pins or fresh content. Which means Pinterest wants you to create more fresh contents. 

80 per cent of my organic traffic comes from  Pinterest and other bloggers too.

What is a pin on Pinterest

Images and contents you upload on Pinterest are referred to as a pin. Pinterest is a visual search engine, which means you cannot upload just words on Pinterest, you need to write a text and also upload an image or video.

After updating its algorithm, Pinterest revealed, they want more fresh pins instead of redistributed pins, that is resharing what others have uploaded on the platform which is known as repining.

What are Fresh Pins on Pinterest?

Fresh Pins are new images that have never appeared on Pinterest before. 

According to Danny, Tailwind’s co-founder;

“Fresh” content refers to a new Pin image and URL combination Pinterest hasn’t seen before. You can create several images that link to the same blog post, page, or product listing, and each of those would be fresh when saved to Pinterest for the first time.

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A complete breakdown of Pinterest new Algorithm;

1. Post fresh Content:

When Pinterest mean fresh pins, they do not want you to post the same image and maybe change the location of the text or text size. They want you to create a whole new pin with different captions and maybe, the same URL. Example; 

how to create multiple pins using canva


2. Sharing a post from the same URL;

You can share the same blog post, a pin with the same URL but must be with a different image, that is what Pinterest considers as a fresh pin.

3. Scheduling the same pin to multiple boards on Pinterest:

You can still reschedule a pin to multiple boards, but to play safe, if you must reschedule a pin keep it at a maximum of 10 relevant boards. Example; You cannot have a pin on personal development, and you have it rescheduled to your recipe board.

4. Pin sharing Interval:

When resharing a pin to other boards, it is safer when you give an interval of 48-hours that is 2-days before you can repin a pin with the same URL.

In the Pinterest smart guide released by Tailwind, a trusted Pinterest Marketing service provider, most successful accounts on Tailwind publish 15-25 pins per day. 

Pinning an excessive amount of duplicate Pins (images that are already on Pinterest) could put your account at greater risk of losing reach and impression or face suspension.

On our path as bloggers, this means more work, Pinterest wants more of authenticity, they want to give more chances to Curators on Pinterest, not hoarders.

I was away from Pinterest for a month and 2-weeks, when I got back, I read about the new change in Algorithm. I switched up my strategy, and I created a fresh. 45-minutes after pinning that Pin, it had over 1000 impressions.

The best Pin dimensions when creating multiple Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest prefers vertical pin over horizontal, which means Pinterest wants you to create a Pin with the ratio of 2:3 or 1:2.

Recommended Pinterest Pin demensions

PS; I created five Free Pinterest Pin Template, you can use them, customize them to suit your brand.

How to Create Multiple Pins for Pinterest within 30-Minutes

As a blogger, the best tools for creating Pinterest Pins is Canva, a free tool or Adobe photoshop. I use Canva because it is easily customizable and easy to use. Almost anyone can find their way around it even if they do not know about design.

To carry out these steps, to create multiple pins for Pinterest, you need to have a blog post or contents you want to share on Pinterest, premade Pinterest templates, Get ACCESS these free Pinterest templates I created for you or you can create yours from scratch on Canva.

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Step 1:

Pick a blog post and it’s either a new blog post you just posted or one of your best-performing blog posts. You can find out which of your blog post is best performing using your google analytics dashboard.

Step 2:

Go to Canva or Photoshop, create 5 Different pins from each blog post, or you can use grab this freebie from me, which contains free five different Pinterest templates with recommended Pinterest dimensions.

Step 3:

Create 5 New pins for each blog post, you can make over 100 pins within an hour using these plug and play Free templates I created for you or if you have one of yours, you can use them.

Step 4:

Add descriptions to your pins and post these pins on Pinterest using different time intervals

The free Pinterest templates attached to this blog post which you will get once you subscribed to my blog for free, covers all these, all you need to do is customize your pins to suit your brand colours. It will help you create multiple pins for  Pinterest, at least 25 Pins a day from 5-blog post. 

Pinterest Pin

Things to note about Creating Multiple Pins for Pinterest on Canva

1. Text: Your text should be bold enough, eye-catchy and easy to read at a glance. Make your text bold, use the space tool in Canva to create space between letters.

2. Include Pictures in your Pin Designs: I went through most Pinterest tips by other bloggers and each had that advice telling people to add pictures in their pins.

My experience, when I created pins with and without images on Pinterest, the pins with Images performed better.

Additionally, I have seen others create pins without images and it performed well. Find out what type of design work well for you using A/B testing, create pins with, and without images and look out for pins that perform better, repeat the designs over and over again.

3. Using Colours in your Pins:

Avoid putting up so many colours in your designs, have at least 2 or 3 brand colours, preferably warm colour. For those in the blogging niche, pink, black and white seem to work well.

Go on Pinterest, search for pins around your niche, check the trend when it falls to colours, the most predominant colour is the colour that works for your blog niche.

4. Add your brand name on your Pin: Your Pin should have your brand name placed on it. It makes readers easily identify your pin and also protects it from theft. 

5. Your pins should have a well-placed call to actions:

Call to action are strategic words you can place in your pins prompting your readers to take a particular action. Examples of call to actions used for Pinterest;

  • Click to read
  • Shop
  • Download Freebie
  • Check them out
  • Grab Freebie
  • Download 

PS: These are simple words prompting curiosity in your readers or whoever comes across your pin.

If You want to learn how to go viral on Pinterest, read how this blogger makes viral Pins on Pinterest 

If you do not have a Pinterest account for your blog, then you should create one because Pinterest can be used to mine organic traffic for blog and business. 80% of my organic traffic comes from Pinterest. 

This post contains a guide on starting a Pinterest account, applying for rich pins and getting keywords for your blog.

Save to your Pinterest Board

free pinterest pin templates

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Do you believe in creating multiple Pins for Pinterest for a particular blog post? If you do, what is the minimum amount of Pins you can create for a blog post?