Each day, somewhere around the world someone is dreaming to become a blogger while others are opening up their blog. On the Internet, there are probably an approximate of 50 million blogs and yours is also included in and to stand out, you need your unique blogging voice.

Blogging, I will tell you is one of the most competitive industry but it is also a creative industry. You may find thousands of persons writing about the same topic, some in similar ways, others almost the same. while a few are very different. 

One of the things that set each blog apart is the quality and the writer’s ability to solve the immediate problem of that particular reader at that point.

What is your Blogging Voice?

Your Blogging Voice is that inner sound a reader gets when going through the content on your site and that voice sets your content apart. It sends a mix of originality and sometimes it is related to your tone. 

News Flash: Your tone is a part of your blogging voice but your blogging voice is not your tone.

The difference between your Blogging Voice and Your Content  Tone

The tone of each blog post may vary depending on the context of the type of content your a creating.

Example: Blog Post A

A blog post about a product launch will have a tone that builds up excitement, a tone that tells you to be in a hurry because this offer may not last for a very long time.

The tone of that blog post may create urgency. It will make you want more and it will spark curiosity.

Example: Blog Post B

While a blog post about “how to stop looking down on yourself” may have a soothing tone. A tone trying to calm you down but at the same time warming.

A blogging voice is a consistent pattern or an inner call your readers get whenever they read your content.

Why You Need a Blogging Voice?

  1. It is a  vouch for your authenticity.

2. It creates a form of connections between you and your readers. Also, this helps you in growing your community. 

3.   It makes your readers stick around for long: off course when a reader can connect to your blogging voice after reading one, two, or three of your contents they automatically stick around for long. That is when they become your greatest fan.

When I stumbled upon Melyssa’s blog, immediately connected to her. I could hear her voice, she was answering one thing that bothered me the most.  

Every day throughout that week, I was searching for more contents and I became her number one fan. Her Emails are never left unopened no matter how busy I maybe. That is because I saw something authentic.

When a reader becomes your fan and a part of your community, they will share your blog post, they will buy products from you. They will become loyal and you tend to start having returning visitors.

People visit different blogs on a daily, only those who find your contents impacting will bookmark your URL. 

This is a call for you to take advantage of every opportunity, my friend.

Why You find it Difficult to Develop Your Blogging Voice:

You are :

  1. not writing from a place of truth
  2.  in a niche which you do not know anything about or do not feel comfortable about it
  3. struggling to come with content
  4. distracted

5.  You not building a bond or connection between you and your business: In a nutshell, you are not writing about what you love doing.

6.  You have no skill in your area of interest.

7. You are inconsistent: I have ripped the fruits of lack of consistency and I am telling you from a place of truth that Consistency pays and inconsistency also pays but one pays in a good coin while the other pays in a bad coin. 

Inconsistency makes your audience lose trust in your credibility. I think for every business or blog credibility matter a lot.

8.  You have lost your mojo and can’t connect with the creative part of you.

9.  You are just a copy cat: Hello, you can’t have a voice on a content that is not yours and this is where the issue of authenticity comes in.

How to Discover Your Blogging Voice 

There is no formula for automatically building your blogging voice but there is a process:

1.  Write on what you are skilled in or have an idea: You must write from a point of truth.

Have you ever tried writing content and all of a sudden you get stuck and can’t continue simply because you feel no connection between what you are writing and you that is creating that content?

That is because you are struggling and you are not either not skilled in that area or you lack motivations or you are distracted. ( Check out this post on how to kill distractions and become a more productive blogger).

One of the major reasons why you have been struggling to come up with contents. Why you lack skills, why you keep copying, why you have lost your mojo or become inconsistent maybe because you are in a wrong niche.

You are blogging about something you lack skills on or you are not passionate about it. 

You keep writing from another person point of views and experience.

How are you going to survive or grow with a blog built on self-deceit?

If you can’t be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others?

how to develop your unique blogging voice

My Personal Story

After a rebranding and starting my blog all over again. I am still growing my email list. I haven’t hit the jackpot with subscribers like those who have at least 10,000 persons and I am still learning that craft while growing. 

I can’t tell you about email marketing yet, but I can tell you about Blogging for Purpose because that’s a phase I have been through, made past it found purpose and I have skills in that area. 

You are struggling and yet, you are failing to accept it. I recommend you read my Free Ebook on “How to Pick a Blog Niche” and I also recommend the workbook, which will walk you through every step you need to get a niche that helps you to speak authenticity. 

Facts About Developing Your Unique Blogging Voice

When you talk or write about what you know;

you are inexhaustible because you can’t keep shut about it

You are speaking from a point of knowledge and experience

You can easily connect with your audience

You do not need to peek on what the next blogger has put down to make up yours.

2. Understand the Dynamics of your audience:

This is also related to your niche. To understand your audience dynamics, you need to know your audience. 

You have to understand and see your audience as just a single person with a problem that you are trying to solve. 

If you have this as a part of your strategy. It will be easier to connect with that person thereby reaching out to all who read your blog. 

I covered all of these in my Free Ebook and Guide to Picking a Niche with examples and I also recommend the workbook. The Workbook can help anyone to pick a profitable blog niche.

You may feel oh, you already have a blog niche and this will be useless. The solutions to most of those unanswered questions, maybe readjusting from what you think will work to what you love doing.

3. Free Take Away Tips to Help Develop Your Unique Blogging Voice

In other to be consistent, authentic, build trust, confidence and avoid being stuck etc. Also, to have your audience getting the echo of your blogging voice whenever they read your content, leaving them wanting more and building that connections.

  1. Choose a blog niche that allows you to express yourself and doesn’t leave you empty
  2. Write about things you have skills and experience
  3. Learn and grow, practice and have experience before you educate on that.
  4. Be authentic
  5. Write for your readers first before search engine
  6. Be consistent

Do these above and watch yourself gradually write from an in-depth point of view with a connected audience and have your blogging voice becoming loud.

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Have you developed your blogging voice and how do you connect with your audience?

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how to develop your unique blogging voice