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Hey FOBers!!! My New Age, Aspirations, Life-Lessons So Far


Hello FOBers, Just say Faithola!!! and yo, the gist gets rolled in.

I turned a year older last week Sunday, the 4th of November 2018. I’m the type that’s always anticipating my birthday but when it finally arrives, I become cold, felt like it came with a baptism. lol.

Well,  I’ll tell a little story. Last year when I turned a year older, laid quietly on my bed because my monthly cousin knocked on my door on my Birthday. If you understood that up there, just say hi, meanwhile e-hugs for you.

I felt so ungrateful because, to me, I wasn’t able to achieve all I had ticked out at the beginning of the year and I wasn’t dating then, so I did not get that “Baby it’s your birthday, what shall we do? treatment”.

I wasn’t hoping to party and all of that. My friends kept calling and I told them “this girl is down with the female missile”. That was my excuse.

The next day which was a Sunday, I decided to take my mum out. I felt I owed her that since she brought me into this beautiful world.

When this year birthday came, I wanted to party at first, later I changed my mind due to the fact that it was very well with my account and I had used all I had to fix my tab which I sat on few days to my birthday.

Well, I got surprised by friends, my hair, photo session, did state I that my photo session was done by 7-8pm on the eve of my birthday?

How unplanned it was.  My friends treated me to different birthday dinners and outings were covered by them.  Call me lucky but I don’t know what I have done to deserve them.

This year, as I turned a year older, I did not ask God why some of my expectations weren’t met yet or-dragged my feet over the fact that I walked out of a relationship.

I simply thanked him for life, Grace and all the amazing persons he brings my way.


Over 2-decades plus on earth there are three important lessons I learnt this year.

In all you do, hold God tightly, and know your source: In my Walk with God, discovering his plans for me.

I have learnt to believe and trust only his words concerning me. I’ve learnt to recognise him as my source and learn to yield to the Holy Spirit.

Never lose your self in a relationship: In any kind of relationship. You must not be arrogant but even while being gentle and submissive, never lose yourself trying to accommodate another person’s ego.

Recognition, respect and success in whatever you do, doesn’t come easily unless you earn it.

Hopes, Aspirations and Dreams before my Next Birthday

Before my next birthday, November 4th 2019, I will be a graduate, that’s after five years of study.

  • I believe I will earn my first 6-figures as a Blogger.
    Have different collaborations with different firms, business and individuals.
  • Have at least 10k followers on Instagram and Twitter.
    Have a blog following not less than 10k FOBers daily with comments dancing in.
  • Do giveaways and also feel comfortable to an extent in terms of finance.
  • Own a DSLR or Sony mirrorless camera. I don’t know how, but it’s something I have been longing for.
  • I am still indecisive about it but I intend changing my niche. As I turn a year older, I want to live purposefully.
    Attend more business and masterclasses.   The list is endless but I’m putting this down so we can testify when God glorifies himself.

Lately, I have been learning how to grow my Instagram and it’s been fun and effective. Are we friends on IG yet? Let’s be friends and chat or even collaborate. Follow me @Faithola_


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