The year is about to come to an end, and very soon, everyone will be on and about making new year resolutions.  Setting money goals, business goals are very common but what are your personal development goals?

What kind of new year resolutions are you making? Do you want to change your life for better?
These resolutions, are they geared towards your personal development, mental, physical and emotional health also or are they just geared towards making money?
As individuals, certain habits will help us live at peace with ourselves, knowing that we are in control of what happens around us to a certain extent.
When the year 2018 was coming to an end, just like everyone, I made certain personal development resolutions after having a dramatic year.  I decided to sit down and carry out an evaluation of how I spent the year. 
From my observations, I realized that I  gave chances to people, and allowed them to hurt me, spread negative energy around me. I knew it was time to change things.
In 2019, I having been trying as much as I can to protect my peace, mental health and the kind of energy I allow around me.
As 2019 is about to end, I am already making adjustments and negative habits I would love to get rid off or habits I will love to retain in the year 2020.

Personal Development Goals that will Change Your Life in 2020

Have you started making your personal development goals? These personal development goals will change your life in 2020 and help you to become better

1) Carry out Re-evaluation Process:

Before setting out to plan new personal development goals and new year resolutions, you should carry out an evaluation process of the goals you laid down in 2019.
While carrying out your re-evaluation process, ask yourself the following question;

Re-evaluation Questions for You

1. What did I do that benefited me?
2. Which company was right to keep: There is a saying “behind every successful woman is a tribe of other goal-achieving women“.
In as much as this may sound like a feminist quote. The kind of friends you allow in your circle will affect how far you can go in life.
Most successful men today started their various businesses with their friends. How is that company you are keeping benefiting you?
3. Who did I meet that changed my life?
4. Why did I fail to achieve the other goal?
5. what could I have done differently?
6. How can I achieve this goal if I lay it down as a goal for next year?

#1 Personal Development Goal that will change your life- Gratitude

As individuals, sometimes we tend to overlook the power of gratitude. This is not just about showing gratitude to others but also to ourselves.
Learn to count your blessings, I mean those small blessings we feel are not worth celebrating and learn to be obsessively grateful on how far you have come.
Also, show gratitude to others and learn to replace the words “I am sorry” with thank you in certain situations.

Illustrations: If you had an appointment with someone, something goes wrong and you show up late.

Instead of starting with I am sorry for coming late, why not use “Thank you for waiting for me” before apologizing. Gratitude will always lift its enlightened ones.

#2 Personal Development Goal – Control the Kind of Energy that Surrounds you

As humans, we tend to come in contact with lots of persons who may have questionable character, and sometimes we find them at our place of work, schools, social centres.

You may have that one person, who is hell-bent on bringing you down and maybe this time, it’s not that colleague of yours, but your partner, someone who you are involved with.

It is your duty and responsibility to protect the kind of energy someone gives off around you. 

Illustration: A verbally abusive partner will bring you down with their hands or words.
we all, at some point desire the support from our partners, we want that one person in the world who would stand up for us and sometimes things don’t go as planned.
you need to walk away from toxic people, toxic relationships, toxic partners, toxic jobs and toxic friendship.

#3 Personal Development Goals-Plan your Day Ahead

Planning your day is an important personal development goal that will change your life In 2020, you can’t be taking things just the way they come. You need to sit down and plan the way you want your day to run.
This will help you become more accountable, especially if you are working from home. Read how to start a blog and work from home in 2020
Learn to keep a journal, or carry a note pad and book around. Take some time and plan how you want your day, week or month to go. 

When you plan your day, week or month it helps you;

i. Become accountable to yourself
ii. Avoid time-wasting activities
iii. It permits you to do things based on priority
iv. You have more time to yourself
v. It helps you run your business in a very well organized approach
vi. It permits you to know what works for you and what doesn’t, what is worth your time and what should be scrapped out.

#4 Personal Development Goal – Choose the right Company:

Whether we accept it or not, we are defined and affected by the kind of company we keep, the type of people we allow into our space.
In the new year, you should filter the kind of company you keep, especially when the relationship is rather draining than adding to your life.
If you are a woman thriving to succeed in your business, you should surround yourself with women who are entrepreneurs. Keep the friends that will motivate you to become more.

My Story

In 2018, at a point, I  got frustrated with the blog before I decided to change my niche.
You can read the reasons why I changed my blog niche in this post, the pros and cons of changing your blog niche here.
Before I overcame the fear of changing my niche, I got into a rut and I left my blog for over six months.
Those who are close to me know how passionate I have been with the blog, it is almost like a baby, after sitting me down for some pep-talk, that alone fueled my courage.
As a person, you need all the support you can get and this type of support usually comes from friends who understand you, family or a community you have built.
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Have you started making your personal development goals? These personal development goals will change your life in 2020 and help you to become better

#5 Personal Development Goal That Will Change Your Life – Do away with Negativity:

There is a list of things that may be bringing negativity to you and, you haven’t recognised them yet. Some habits that may be holding you back are;

List of Negativity to Do away in 2020

1. Procrastination:

Have you been procrastinating? It is better to get something done in bits than procrastinate.
Procrastination will deprive you of your success. In the new year, people always take down goals and a list of things they would love to achieve before the year runs down. 
My questions for you are; 
How many of you set goals in 2019 were you able to smash?
Why did you miss out on them?
Is it because you had no time opportunity or you procrastinate your goals away?
It is better to start small and grow big than to procrastinate. I call it “the Kangaroo guide”,
You should do things at the right time, and the right time is to start without procrastination.
2. Comparison:
In life, we all want growth, we want to be better than the next person in our field.
But buddy, you need to stop unhealthy competition and one the most common unhealthy competition is excessive comparison.
In the new year, learn to be your rival, compete to become a better version of yourself and business.

3. Talking Behind others:

This is an overdue habit that over 80% of the world’s populace practice directly or indirectly and you should become an exception.
Gossiping or talking behind others gives off a lot of negative energy.
Learn to speak up when you are hurt by others or not cool with their actions and you should do this calmly rather than backbiting.
Gossiping and backbiting show how weak and much a coward you that person has become.
Choose the right personal development goal and break from the norm, this will help you change your life drastically because it reduces negative energy.
When offended by others, approach them calmly and sort things out with them. It could be a text message stating how you feel but, it should be done without cutting, slashing and burning others.

#6 Personal Development Goal- Choose a Healthy Lifestyle:

When compiling a list of ” I will do” and I won’t do” don’t forget to add getting rid of the unhealthy lifestyle that you may be practising that is holding you back from changing into the person you want to become in 2020.
Staying and living healthy should be one of the topmost items on your personal development list. 
Habits for staying healthy
Make a list of habits you are practising that you would like to put an end to. These habits include;
1. Exercise often
2. Reduce your intake of caffeine and take more healthy fruit drink
3. Get enough rest
4. Get a better morning Routine
5. Meditate often; this may not be a yogic kind of meditation but take some time to do a reflection on your life and journey not because you are thinking or bothered but to find your place of peace.
6. Drink more water.
Have you started making your personal development goals? These personal development goals will change your life in 2020 and help you to become better

#7 Personal Development Goal that will Change your life- Practice Self-care:

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in fancy spa treats, or expensive gyms and trainers.
you can take care of yourself even with the little amount of money and time you have by getting good cheap self-care items that can enable you to build up effective self-care habits-Afam Uche

#8 Personal Development Goal – Apologize when You are Wrong:

Over time, I have to come to understand that apologizing, when you are wrong, doesn’t make you weak but it shows how strong and mature you have become, the journey to personal development starts with having total peace.
in December, I had a conversation with an over 50 years old man and we were talking about forgiveness he said: “if I apologize to her when I am wrong, she would say I am the one who keeps begging”.
I laughed before I told him that apologizing doesn’t mean you are weak but admitting your wrongs shows you value your friendship, relationships and that you are mature.
These words “I am sorry” is a lifesaver and should be listed as one of the top words in 2020 if you want to change your life.

#9 Personal Development Goal – Live for today and Spend time Building Yourself:

We get carried away with life, business, our family that we forget to be there for ourselves. We get carried away with setting future goals, working for a better future that we forget to live in the present.
When was the last time you packed your bags and head for a vacation because you needed it?
How consistent are you with self-care? Do you consciously feed your mind with the right words? 
your personal development goals for 2020 should start with identifying your insecurities, where you are lacking and need to start working on it.
If you lack self-confidence, learn to speak the right words to yourself,  consciously tell your self the right things.
Illustrations; If you are struggling with seeing yourself as a beautiful woman. Each day when you wake up, tell yourself ” I am beautiful, unique and valuable” if you can try this for 2-4 weeks you will unconsciously start seeing yourself as a beautiful, unique and valuable woman. Read how to love yourself and build self-confidence
Learn to shift your mind from the negative to positive in other to change your life in 2020. This post will “how to show you how to love yourself and build self-confidence”.
Love Yourself: Loving yourself is one personal development goal you should accept and work on in the new year.
Learn to be truthful to yourself and avoid self-deceit. We are carried away with the desire to grow or the race to be better than the other that we may not recognize our biggest strength and power which lies in self-love.
Self-love permits you to identify your strength and weakness yet still find yourself perfect.
It means treating yourself right and putting you first before any other negative decision or thoughts. Self-love involves appreciating yourself, uniqueness and all that makes you better.
In Conclusion:
These steps above look really simple personal development goals yet easily overlooked but, if utilized,
It will help you change your life and transform into someone better in 2018.
A quick story:
I battled insecurities as a child until my 21st birthday, I was always talking down at my processes, myself and consistently drove myself into the rut of comparison until I realized that all those were wrong and that I needed to set new personal development goals.
I understood I was made for more, so I sat down and listed all bad habits I wanted to get rid off in 2018 and 2019 became my best year yet.
These steps above will change your life and transform you into a better person in 2020.
What are your personal development goals for 2020? Do you have any bad habit you want to get rid off or retain in 2020
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Have you started making your personal development goals? These personal development goals will change your life in 2020 and help you to become better