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Oh I changed My Blog Niche- The Pros and Cons of Changing Blog Niche


I have been blogging for some time now and I have always had this urge to change my niche. I have been blogging for years but feel empty. Maybe because I was doing what everyone is doing, because I saw them doing it but I honestly felt completely empty.

If you have been to this Blog when I blogged only about entertainment news and any random news that catches my fancy. You may be screaming ‘i don’t believe’ it right now.

Ok enough!!! the question is why I changed my niche. Why all these changes?

I wanted more, I felt I could do more and I wasn’t fully using my potentials properly like I was trapped in a box. There was this feeling that something was missing and I don’t know if you feel the same way about your Blog or business. You feel you are not fully using your potentials.

News Flash! I have been at that same spot and I sure know what it feels like.

Don’t be surprised, Changing my Niche has been one of my silent struggles, my little story

I have always wanted to do this, change my niche. Since 2016 when I did a little change on the looks of my blog. I also wanted to change the niche of the blog but I was so scared of the change.

I knew I had more to offer, I was better than what I brought to the table, with all the copy and paste in the industry. The questions and fears were.

  • What will the blog bring?
  • Will I be able to get loyal readers?
  • will people buy into my blog and products?
  • Will I be able to create relevant contents.

The questions were much that I gave in, to doing the Entertainment and random news Blog ones more because of my fears. Read 3 important questions to ask yourself before picking your blog Niche

Well, after my birthday in November last year, I decided to kill all my fears and fulfil life’s purpose. I took down the blog and the process of building this one commenced and today I am so excited about opening it once more. I am quite nervous but I hope this will bring me so much happiness and all I wished for.

What to expect from the New FOB

Firstly, let me clear the air. On this blog, original contents are what you should expect.
Contents spanning from Blogging, Entrepreneurship and subsequently my mini wanderlust adventures.

Generally, this blog will be more of Blog and entrepreneurship related issues. We intend solving problems and building a stronger community (FOBNation).

When I made this post in February, I never thought I would be back to end it but here I am editing the contents of this post once more.

Are you thinking about Changing Your Niche? Here are a Few Pros and Cons

Pros of Changing Blog Niche

  • Changing your Blog Niche from ‘Blogging about all Things’ to a single or combination of one or two niches will help you understand your audience better. That means you can create a form of connection with your audience.
  • You can easily turn your blog visitors to loyal readers and customers whenever you launch a product
  • People love consistency, and you have a unique brand which knows what it stands for.
  • More traffic and returning visitors.
  • More money into your wallet

PS: I think you should Download my free E-book on how to pick a Niche. I took time to explain how to pick a profitable Blog niche, why and the Blog visitor views about it. So you can download it Here.

Cons of Changing Blog Niche

  • You may lose a few subscribers.
  • It can be a tedious process especially if you are like me who transitioned from an entirely different niche.
  • You may lose your ranking for a few weeks but here, you are gonna bounce back in no time.
  • If you narrow down too much, it may not go so sweetly with your Blog

After being a blogger miss-road for years. Spending years doing all of the wrong kinds of stuff and later finding out what I am made for. Who will be in the best position to teach you how to find, fulfil and embrace your purpose while Blogging?

PS:  I am launching my signature course ‘Blog for Purpose’ in a few month time.

But before then. Please do let me know how you feel about your Blog right now.

Do you get a sense of completeness as you Blog?   Have you ever faced a situation like this and how did you come out of it?

Are you still struggling with the thoughts about rebranding? Well, I have a lot of time, so please let’s discuss it.

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