Blogging can be overwhelming, especially if you are a Newbie. It is very easy to get lost in the sea of plenty information about blogging that leaves your overwhelmed rather than helped.

Hey There! I’m Faith Ola

About Faith Ola

Blogger and Purpose strategist. The name Faith Ola was coined out of my full name Faith Oladosu. This blog is dedicated to helping women and new bloggers struggling to find their purpose with their blog and also help them navigate the world of blogging in the best and easy way while creating passive income off their passion and blog.

The Truth is My Blog is not for everyone, this blog is for you, if;

  • If you are struggling to find your purpose, niche or you feel lost in that blog niche you have choosen
  • You want to be a girl boss and run your empire as seemless as possible
  • You are a new Blogger struggling to grow your blog, email list and monetize it.
  • You need someone who can relate with your struggles while offering easy guide out of your trouble.
  • If you are struggling with creating basic tools bloggers need to stay productive

If Any of These Resonates With You, Then Stick Around, We are About to Have a Lot of Good Rides Together.

Who is this Blogger?

My name is Faith Oladosu (pronounced Olahthoughsu) are you seriously trying to pronounce that?  lol. I am a graduate of Forestry and Environment with a rare passion for the media, writing and blogging currently in my early 20’s.

I started my first failed blog in 2015, blogging without a niche, proper knowledge, direction or strategy. I was in the entertainment niche doing all “things that I hated” and soon I ran into a rut, feeling stuck, unmotivated and empty but one thing remained with me my passion

Late 2018, I finally decided to ditch my fears of starting all over again and in mid’s 2019, I started a whole new phase (Blogging about blogging while teaching people how to fulfil purpose with their blog, earn from it as they grow their business).

Maybe right now you are stuck in the same place  i was in 2015, what about if i showed you away out of your blogging rut, help you discover your passion and find a profitable blogging niche?

Take this 3 minutes passion and purpose quiz and you can download my free E-book “The kangaroo guide to a profitable blogging niche

Take Passion and Purpose Quiz

What Type of Passion triggers your drive towards growing your blog and business?   Do you blog just for fun or you are blogging to fulfil the drive that comes with your personality and type of passion?  This is not your ONE-TAIL QUIZ. It will be an eye-opener. 

What Changed?

Since I was able to discover my purpose with my blog, I began using this little space of mine on the web to share my blogging mistakes, growth strategies, and tips that have helped me with other bloggers who are struggling with their blog or looking down at their processes

I love helping out with the ambiguous chores attached to running a successful blog. I started playing with my love for designs to create editable Pinterest Templates, Ebook Templates, Brand Guide, Lead magnet and Opt-in freebies, Media kits for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs to aid their blogging journey and help them become more productive, while building their online business. Check out my Digital Shop here.


Back to you Buddy, Quite Different from Mine

  • You are at a place where you hate your job, credit card debts, student loans and you feel incomplete, you want a better way to make money while doing all things you love, you want a better blogging niche that allows you make money or that can afford your wanderlust.
  • You are a mom looking forward to starting a blog, while working from home, you just need the best tips and resources that could help you scale through and create a profitable online business.

Whichever category you belong, I think we will be good friends. Blogging is a game and business of information and strategy. Being exposed to the right information helps you avoid certain mistakes and helps you grow your blog faster to make more money. Get access to my free resource library which contains Freebies, cheat sheets, ebooks etc.