Hey There, I'm Faith Ola, Designer, Canva Creator & Travel Lover

In 2018, I accidentally Stumbled on Canva, a tool that will later change my life, how I plan my blog, and organize my business.

How do you help your audience with the coaching you offer?

Through My Canva Templates and Launch Pack Design Service, I help Savvy, busy entrepreneurs create scroll stopping Graphics and On brand designs for their business.

Because piecing the elements and styles that make your brand stand out course launch easier and successful doesn't have to Be overwhelming

I’m all about helping you create resources such as ebooks, workbooks, slide decks, social media graphics and Canva templates that will help you stand out online, make more money and scale your business.

Somethings I know About You, Your Business and How I Can Change That

You Love your business and desire to grow and scale faster. You’ve been DIYing your lead magnets, ebook, workbook, social media graphics and eventually spending precious hours on Canva trying to Piece the PUZZLE of CREATING STUNNING STRATEGIC Designs, but end up with generic designs that are not put together or Cohesive. Now, you want to take back your Time, Focus on creating strategies and doing what you Love Best

With my Canva Template Shop and 1-1 Launch Pack Design services, I have been helping business owners and creatives like you nail down their business designs, save time and focus on what they love to do best. It’s time to quit feeling overwhelmed and all over the place or giving your precious to Canva Editor dashboard, rolling your mouse all over, thinking what colour, element dimension or font should I use .

My Favorite Things

Chilled Zobo drink

Plate of veggie fries

Travelling, Road Trips

Creating With CANVA

reading romance books


I stumbled on Canva in 2018, it took my time and creating Graphics felt overwhelming. I finally found a system and got better at it, now help other business owners. Also, I launched a Canva Template shop and in April 2021, I got an Invitation to Join CANVA CREATORS Beta Program (I create Native Canva templates Promoted in Canva’s Library).


I believe in investing my time and energy on what I can control¬† and finding a way around what I can’t control. I have learned the hard way to Take Learning & Business Investments seriously.

Facts about my business

I started Learning Canva to create better designs, found out I could make money with it, and badly wanted to make $1k, I have made over $1k Since. But Lately, the Goal has shifted to serving and helping business owners access quality Canva templates, save time & Stand out online.

Work with me

Strategic Designs for Your Online Business

 Create Strategic On Brand Graphics, so you can grow your presence, Scale and Stand out Online. My Team and I will develop your brand visual graphics and templates. Or are you launching an Online Course and Need help piecing your content together?

Skip the overwhelming process of piecing together your content, course materials. Let’s help you save time while you focus on your strategy and launch.

"Faith is Amazingly Creative and Understands what I was looking for. Her Templates are so Easy to Use".

I want to grow my email list with dream clients


Piece my content & customize my templates