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Hi, I’m Faith Ola

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In FOB, YOU are loved,  You are Enough, We appreciate and celebrate your Small and Big wins as you try to navigate through the World of  Blogging. We understand why YOU are making certain mistakes and we also know that blogging is a game of information and strategy. That’s why we try to put the best information to aid your blogging journey.

Find Out Your Type of Blog Passion and Purpose -Take Quiz

What Type of  Passion triggers your drive towards growing your blog and business?    Do you blog just for fun or your are blogging to fulfill the drive that comes with your personality and type of passion. This is not your ONE-TAIL QUIZ. It will be an eye opener. 

How Can I Help You?

Start Your own Blog

You want to create your own community where you can share your passion and also earn money but you are confused with all the information online. I got you covered with this step by step guide


I need useful tips on how to find my purpose and blog’s focus, stay consistent, connect with with my tribe and create killer content that will grow my tribe. I want a buzzing tribe of like minded people

Personal Growth

I want my blog to be an extension of me. I want to bring out my best, inspire others and also grow rapidly without loosing myself or getting burnt out in the process.

how to pick a profitable blog niche e-book

Get The Kangaroo Guide to a Profitable Blog Niche

HARD FACT: This E-book is not for everyone. This E-book is for you;
This  E-book will guide you on the steps to picking a niche that goes beyond making money. It will help you choose a Blog that is an extension of you.