80+ Best Canva Fonts: Ultimate Canva Font Guide

Do you spend your valuable time searching font the best Canva fonts that will match your brand and make you stand out from your competition?

Maybe you are searching for elegant free fonts in Canva that are also available on Google fonts.

So you can kick start your blog, online business, or website without making an expensive financial investment in a brand designer.

Don’t fret it, and I got you! Because this Best Canva font guide will change everything about choosing the right font in Canva for your brand.

So, in this blog post, you’ll learn how to identify and choose the right fonts for your brand, the Psychology of brand fonts, best Canva fonts pairings for your brand.

And most importantly, a Big list of 20 best Canva Fonts you can pair to create attention-grabbing designs for your blog, brand, and business.

This Canva guide covers the best Canva fonts for multiple types of brands and brand styles.
Even if your brand is vintage or modern, elegant or bold, aesthetic, minimal, or luxurious.

We’ll explore the best Canva fonts and how to pair and use them to create a unique brand identity.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Table of Contents

How to Choose the Right (Canva) Fonts for your Brand

Choosing the right fonts can be a daunting process, and if you are a blogger or a small business owner who needs to DIY your brand.

You may spend hours searching for the best font in Canva or an excellent font combination for your business or Canva designs.

And even when DIYing your blog and your brand.

How do you know the right font that matches your brand and brand adjective?

So, let’s find out the psychology of brand fonts and how to choose a brand font that connects with your audience.

And the top questions you should answer when choosing the best fonts for your branding.

The Psychology of Brand Fonts and Their Adjectives

To identify and choose the best fonts for your branding that connects to your audience and establish your brand presence, you need to understand fonts and the adjectives for each font style.

1 | Serif fonts and Brand Adjectives:

Serif fonts are the most traditional fonts, and you can identify a Serif by the small line (extra stroke) at the edge of the letters. The small line of a serif font makes it look like “fonts with feet.”

Serif fonts pair beautifully with display fonts, Sans serif, and create a modern feel.
Or Serifs and script font pairs to give off a feminine, soft, and natural brand look.

Serif Fonts Brand Adjectives: stable, practical, elegant, luxurious, class, trust, respectability, splendour authority, classic, formal, trustworthy, sophisticated, stylish, traditional, high-end, mature, etc.

Examples of Serif fonts in Canva include; Abril Fatface, Noto serif, Buenard, Cardo, Cormorant Garamond, Crimson Roman, Libre Baskerville, Lora. etc.

2 | San Serif Font and Brand Adjectives:

San serif fonts have a consistent thickness, and the letters of a Sans serif don’t have feet (serif) attached to them.

And San serif fonts are better in terms of readability, chic and clean looking, and they display more clearly and better on websites.

Therefore, San serif font styles are perfect for your blog and website body copy. And pairs perfectly with a Serif, script, or slab serif font.

San Serif Fonts Brand Adjectives: humanist, efficient, simple, clear, clean, modern, engaging, chic, honest, geometric, straightforward, universal.

3 | Script Fonts and Their Brand Adjectives

Script fonts are cursive and handwritten fonts with connecting and flowing lettering styles.

Script font styles are elegant, stylish, and beautiful and give off a feminine vibe.

No wonder script fonts are one of the most popular Canva fonts and are wildly used for Logos, branding, and creating attention-grabbing Social media graphics (Common in Pinterest pins).

However, Script fonts can be challenging to read, and you should not use these font styles for body copies of your website or any publications. And Script fonts pair well with Serif and San Serif.

Script Fonts Brand Adjectives: Feminine, natural, elegant, casual, creative, personal, etc.

4 | Display and Decorative Fonts and Their Brand Adjectives

Display fonts are unique and are primarily for advertisements, social media posts, logo designs, and sometimes accent or heading fonts.

Display font usually has a mix of other typefaces. E.g., Roxborough font is a dramatic display font with a blend of Serif features.

Display fonts Brand Adjectives: Urban, Flexible.

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Brand Font

  1. is this font easy to read for your audience?
  2. What is your brand goal, and how can it reflect
  3. What is your brand style?
  4. How do you want your brand to be perceived?
  5. Who is your ideal audience, and what are their values? What attracts them to me?
  6. Is this font available for free across all platforms, or do I have to pay?
  7. What adjectives describe your brand?

Pick Any 5 adjectives that Describe your Brand

stable, practical, elegant, luxurious, class, trust, respectability, splendour authority, classic, formal, trustworthy, Spiritual, sophisticated, and stylish.

Traditional, high-end, mature, humanist, efficient, simple, modern, Clarity, clean, fresh, engaging, chic, honest, Vintage, straightforward, Feminine, natural, elegant, casual, creativity, personal, and minimalist.

Please Note; All adjectives that describe a brand may not be on this list.

Perhaps, If the adjectives that describe your brand is not on the list, do add them yourself.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Brand font

These tips apply all around. Whether you are looking for the best Canva fonts or deciding what fonts to pick as your brand font;

1 | Readability of the Font:

When choosing your brand font, consider if the font is easily readable and avoid using fonts that are too thin or difficult to read for the body copy of websites and blogs.

Also, choose and use script and decorative fonts as accent fonts. Avoid using these types of fonts for body copy.

2 | Choose Fonts that are Complementary to Each Other:

Avoid choosing fonts that do not complement each other. If you need help, read the font guide in the section above to understand how to pair each category of fonts.

For Example – Serif fonts pair beautifully with a Sans Serif, and San Serif fonts are great for website copies because they are clean and easily readable.

Cardo, a Serif font will pair perfectly with Raleway font to create a modern, chic, and straightforward brand.

3 |Choose fonts that Represent your Brand Message

The overall goal of fonts you’ll choose is to present and communicate your brand message to your ideal audience.

Supposing you are in the wellness niche, your ideal font Category should be Serif fonts as your primary font.

Of course, you can choose other fonts like a script font, especially if your target audience is feminine.

But, it will be wrong if you are in the wellness niche and choose “Railey Font,” a playful font, as one of your brand fonts.

I hope you understand the picture I’m painting.

4 | Liecesning of The Font

One of the most essential tips on choosing your brand font is understanding the licensing font type.

Because you may decide to go with a font in Canva, and you want to keep that font as your brand font.

This means you want to use this font across all platforms, your blog, social media graphics, etc.

Although this font may be a premium font and it’s available for free only on Canva.

But you need to use this font on your website. You’ll search for the font in Market places like Creative Market, Designcuts, and Appsumo.

While some Some fonts in Canva are also free to download outside of Canva, maybe on Google Fonts or elsewhere.

Some fonts may be free only for personal use. So, endeavour to read the font licensing before downloading and using any font.

5 | Take Note of the Fonts you Like When you see them Anywhere

Taking notes of fonts you like on other websites is another great way to quickly decide on your brand fonts combinations.

To identify a font you see on a website, install the WhatFont extension for chrome, open a website, click the WhatFont icon in your chrome, and Viola, you have the font.

Do Note: Some fonts you identify on a website may not be available in Canva. Just search for a Canva equivalent of that font.

With these tips on choosing your brand fonts, you’ll know how to choose the right font for your brand and identify the best Canva font for your brand.

Now, let’s go font hunting, and I will share the best vintage and Retro fonts in Canva, minimalist fonts in Canva, modern and chic fonts in Canva, and finally, the best Canva font pairing for your brand.

Canva Font Guide: 80 Best Canva Fonts for Your Branding in 2024

Searching for fonts on Canva can be overwhelming when you don’t have a Canva font guide.

You don’t know the right keywords to input to explore the long list of Canva fonts.

While Canva remains my favourite design tool and it’s popular among bloggers, small business owners, and non-designers.

Because you don’t have to be a designer to use Canva, and with millions of free design elements, templates, images, and fonts available in Canva free and Canva Pro.

Canva pro is worth your $12.99/month or $9.99 if billed yearly.

With a Canva pro account, you can access many premium fonts and elements that are not random. So, try Canva Pro for Free.

The Best Modern fonts in Canva

Modern fonts are eye-catchy, bold, lustrous, professional-looking, stylish, and sometimes chic.

And on Canva, you’ll find assortments of modern fonts and Canva equivalents for popular modern fonts like Futura, Helvetica, etc.

Although Bodoni, Mont, Sira, Chloe, and Gilda display fonts are some of my favourite modern fonts in Canva.

Most modern fonts are usually San serif fonts, and sometimes some Canva cursive fonts fall under this category.

Modern fonts are great for adding headlines to your website, blog posts, logos, and brand designs.

Especially if you want to add a touch of boldness and professional feel to your website.

If your brand adjectives are any of the following, modern fonts will be good for you – efficient, professional, clear, clean, modern, engaging, chic, Bold, honest, geometric, empowering, straightforward, etc.

Industries where Modern fonts fit perfectly: coaching, consulting, designs and digital products creation, education, architecture, etc.

So, search no more if you are looking for the best modern fonts in Canva from Canva’s extensive list of fonts. Here are the best modern Canva fonts;

List of the Best Modern Fonts in Canva

  • Kingred Modern
  • Rosario
  • Raleway
  • tenor sans
  • Source sans pro
  • Bitter
  • Black Mango
  • Migra Extra Bold
  • Dosis
  • Cardo
  • Gilda Display
  • Saira
  • Chloe (Pro)
  • Peace Sans
  • Rasa Medium
  • Barlow
  • Lexend Exa
  • Nunito Sans
  • Capriola
  • Kadwa
  • Advent pro bold
  • Bebas Neue
  • Clear Sans
  • Noto Serif Display
  • Midan
  • Carmela
  • Mada Black
  • Mont
  • Dm Serif Display
  • DM sans
  • Bodoni FLF

Note: This list contains modern fonts available in Canva for free and for Canva Pro users.

Canva Font Guide: Best Luxury Luxury Fonts in Canva

Luxury fonts are so elegant and high-end looking. I love and use luxury fonts in my Canva designs.

Because luxury fonts add a touch of elegance, chicness, and sophistication to designs.

Tan Mon Cheri, TAN Aegean, Dream Avenue, and The Seasons are some of the most popular luxury Canva fonts.

Industries where luxury Canva fonts Fit Perfectly: Photography, Brand designs, Wedding, Fashion, Beauty, Coaching or services, Gift Packaging industries, etc.

Canva Font List: The Best Luxury Fonts in Canva

This is a list of the best luxury fonts in Canva, and you are welcome to add yours to the list;

  • TAN Mon Cheri
  • TAN Aegean
  • Higuen elegant serif
  • Hatton
  • Kenao Sans Serif
  • Radley
  • Ovo
  • Forum
  • Dream Avenue
  • Giaza
  • The seasons
  • Della Respira
  • Brown Sugar
  • March
  • Maragsa
  • Catchy Marger
  • Prata
  • Kage Black
  • Quando
  • Cantora One

The Best Handwriting and Script Fonts in Canva

Handwriting, cursive, and script fonts in Canva are among the most Popular Canva fonts categories. Especially among bloggers, small business owners, Etsy shop sellers, brand designers, etc.

There is a huge list of handwriting and script fonts in Canva. And the Canva script font category is one of my favourites.

Canva script fonts like BD script, Moontime, Brittany, Twisters, and Magenta are beautiful and widely used.

A Little Digress: Take a mental walk on Pinterest and notice the assortments of script fonts on Pin designs?

Because script fonts definitely add a unique vibe to social media posts like Pinterest and Instagram posts.

However, I don’t recommend using script fonts to write Important keywords on Pinterest because script fonts are not so good in terms of readability.

Script fonts in Canva are the best Canva font category for adding feminine, natural feel to designs.

Also, avoid using script fonts as body copies. You can use them for your logos, headings, social media posts, and accent fonts.

Industries where Handwriting and Script Canva fonts Fit Perfectly: Photography, Brand designs, Wedding, Beauty, Clothing, and Feminine brands, Coaching or services, Gift Packaging industries, etc.

List of Best Handwriting and Canva Script fonts for Brands and Blogs

  • Sulu Script
  • Sacramento
  • Twister
  • Themysion
  • Jonathan
  • Halimum
  • Signature
  • Holiday
  • Moontime
  • Hello January
  • BD Script
  • Gistesy
  • Brittany
  • Vintage goods
  • Jimmy script
  • Sweet Belly Script
  • Scandilover Script
  • Emitha
  • Femen
  • Humble Hearts
  • Magenta

Note: These are not the only handwriting, cursive and script fonts in Canva. And I have a blog post on the best 50+ Canva cursive and script fonts for eye-catchy designs.

Minimalist Fonts in Canva for Clean Brand and Designs

Minimalist fonts in Canva are the best Canva fonts for creating clean, simple, and neat designs.

The minimalist font category can serve as fonts for Both heading and body copy, and they are easy to read.

Minimalist fonts like Afrah, Inter, Poppins, quicksand, Pierson, etc., can make your designs look simple yet chic.

Personally, Inter, Afrah, Poppins are my best fonts on Canva for adding body copy to my Canva designs in Canva’s library.

Industries where Minimalist fonts Works: Coaching and consulting brands, blogs, wellness brands, education, Service providers, and digital designs.

Best Minimalist Fonts on Canva

Afrah (Pro)
Rasputin Light
TT Chocolates
Pierson (Pro)
Open sauce
Duru Sans
Open sans
Julius sans one
Hind Medium
Cairo Regular
Sensation Bold
Fira Sans Black
Ropa Sans

List of Some Vintage and Retro Fonts in Canva

Retro fonts bring nostalgic vibes to your designs and brands.

Retro fonts, vintage designs, and nostalgic Canva templates are popular, taking us back to the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

And in the huge list of fonts in Canva, you’ll find assortments of vintage, retro fonts, and Old English fonts in Canva.

While most retro fonts in Canva are bulky, like the Bugaki font, you can find some less heavy retro fonts that you can use as your primary brand font, accent fonts, or logo.

Some examples of these less bulky retro fonts in Canva include Frunchy Sage, Corben, and Vintage goods (Vintage goods is a script retro font in Canva).

Some Popular Vintage and Retro Fonts in Canva
Brixton Sans
Vintage Rotter
Vintage Goods
Frunchy Sage
March Rough
Hatton Black
Magnolia Script
Gatwick Bold
Bright retro

Industries where Retro fonts Fit Perfectly: Restaurants, fashion, Consulting, personal brands, drinks, and blogs.

Best Canva Font Pairing For Eye Catchy Blog and Brand Designs

If you are looking for the best Canva font combination for your designs to stand out online.

Fortunately, you don’t have to scroll and search the list of fonts in Canva to find the best Canva font combination for your designs.

This Canva font pairing guide covers different font combinations for various brands, including feminine, luxury, wellness, minimalist, bold, brands, etc.

And if you need more font combinations, you can easily follow the guide to choosing a font for your brand. So without further ado, let’s dig right into it.

More Blog Post on Canva Fonts, Tips & Tricks

20 Best Canva Font Combinations for Your Blog and Brands in 2024

1 | Dm Serif Display + Dm sans

This is a modern font combination for simple, minimal, and straight-to-the-point brands.

2 | Ovo + Inter + Gistesy

Ovo is a luxury font with a minimal sans serif font, while Gistesy is a script font in Canva. This font combination is perfect for feminine, luxury, and chic brands.

And with Ovo as a heading font, Inter as body copy, and Gistesy as an accent font.

3 | Dream Avenue + Duru sans

Dream avenue is a luxury Canva font and blends perfectly as a retro font. Pairing Dream avenue and Duru sans will give life to any design.

4 | Open Sauce + Dm Sans + Sacramento

The pairing of Open Sauce bold font, DM Sans, Sacramento is one of the best Canva font combinations for a minimal, simple, and modern brand.

5 | Chloe + Montserrat + Jonathan

Chloe Is a modern Canva font, and Montserrat is a Popular Canva font with Jonathan, an elegant script font in Canva.

The pairing of these fonts will make your brand stand out.

6 | Inter + Sulu Script

Inter is one of the best Canva fonts I use for body copies because of its clean, minimal, and neat vibe.

You can Combine Inter and Sulu script for your brand this way – Inter as heading and body copy fonts for your website and Sulu script as an accent and decorative fonts.

Or, when creating designs in Canva, you can use Sulu script as heading font and Inter for body copy.

7 | Dosis + Halimum

This Canva font pairing combines script, luxury, and modern font in Canva.

Halimum is an elegant-looking font that adds a minimal, luxurious, and clean look to your design and brand. Dosis and Halimum are one of the best Canva font pairings for versatility.

8 | The Seasons + Open Sans

The Seasons is a luxury, chic and elegant Canva font. And pairing this font with Open Sans, a minimal font in Canva, will make your brand and designs stand out.

On a side note: I love The Season font. It’s a clean and aesthetically pleasing Canva font, just like Tan Mon Cheri font.

9 | Scandilover Script + Tenor Sans

Tenor Sans is one of the best Canva fonts due to Its versatility and works well as minimal font, modern font, and even retro font.

Pairing Tenor sans with Scandilover script font will help you create eye-catchy brand designs in Canva.

10 | TT Chocolates + Vintage Goods

TT chocolates is a clean minimal font in Canva that you can use for heading and body copy.

While vintage Goods is a retro-inspired Canva script font. This Canva font combination gives a timeless, clean feel to your brand.

11 | Magenta + Muli Regular

Muli Font can be used for both Heading and Body copy. Like any other Sans Serif typeface, they are clean and easy to read, especially on websites.

While Magenta is an elegant Canva cursive font. Combining these fonts will give a simple, clean, chic brand.

12 | Fira Sans Medium + Freehand + Magenta

Fira Sans Medium is perfect for heading and Freehand for body copy. While you can use Magenta for creating your logo or as an accent and decorative font.

This Canva font combination is excellent for creating eye-catchy social media designs for your blog and business.

13 | Lobster + Poppins

A combination of Retro and Minimal font. Lobster is a retro cursive font in Canva and is perfect for creating Logos, branding, and adding headings to your designs.

While Poppins is a minimal font. You can use Lobster for your logo and headings (for designs) and Poppins as heading and body copy for your website.

However, Lobster is not one of the best Canva fonts to use as a blogger, but it fits for other purposes, especially for logos.

14 | Capriola + Muli Regular
Capriola gives a fun vibe, like using it to create summer-inspired designs.

A combination of Muli and Capriola will help you create eye-catchy Canva designs.

15 | Brown Sugar + Inter

Brown sugar is one of the best Canva fonts for luxury and chic brands. This font is eye-catchy and high-end.

Although Brown Sugar is perfect as a heading font or for creating quotes, you can’t use it for body fonts.

Hence, pairing Brown Sugar with Inter is one of the best Canva fonts combinations you can think of, especially in terms of readability and ease on the eyes.

Kindly Note; that other clean, minimal, and modern fonts can pair with Brown Sugar font.

16 | Bodoni FLF + Signature

What is a “best Canva fonts guide” without Bodoni FLF?

Bodoni is a popular Modern Canva font and can serve as a heading and body font.

Bodoni + Signature script font is excellent pair if you want something straightforward for your Canva designs.

17 | Migra + Rasa Light

Migra is one of the best Canva fonts for creating chic, stylish, and statement-making Canva designs. Migra font is also great for creating Typography kinda Logos.

And Migra font pairing with Rasa light creates a timeless modern brand vibe.

19 | Now + Hatton

Hatton font is beautiful, elegant, eye-catchy, and one of the best Canva fonts for creating logos and branding.

This font fits perfectly as a heading font for blogs and websites.

While Now is straightforward, minimal, and easy to read. Therefore is perfect for the body copy of your website.

This Canva font pairing gives designs and brands chic, straightforward, modern, and clean vibes.

19 | Catchy Mager + Moontime + Quando

Catchy Mager is a modern Canva font, and Moontime is a Canva script font.

And Quando is a clean luxury Canva font. This font combination will give an aesthetically pleasing yet readable design.

20 | March + Forum + BD script

March is a bold luxury font while Forum is a clean, minimal luxury font paired with BD script font. This Canva font combination is perfect for feminine brands or photography and design brands.

Canva Font Guide: Frequently Asked Question

Are Canva Fonts Free For Commercial Use?

Yes, Canva fonts are free for commercial. This means you can use fonts in Canva to create ebooks and workbooks and design products for sale.

And create social media graphics and banners for your websites. Read more about Canva licensing.

Can You add Fonts to Canva?

Absolutely! You can upload fonts to Canva, and it’s super easy to import fonts to Canva.

However, you can’t upload fonts to a Canva for a free account. You need a Canva pro account to do this.

If you have a Canva pro account. Read this step-by-step guide to uploading custom fonts on Canva.

Can You Download fonts from Canva?

Unfortunately, you cannot download a font from Canva to your computer, just like Google fonts.

Although, if you need that font available in Canva, get the font’s name and search for it on Google fonts, Designcuts or Creative Market.

How to Change Fonts in Canva?

Do you want to change fonts in your design in Canva? This is simple.

To change fonts in Canva, double-tap the textbox to highlight the font and navigate to the top toolbar, click on the font name and change the font.

Perhaps, if you don’t want to change your font but upload a font to Canva. I have written a complete guide on Uploading your brand fonts to Canva.

Conclusively on Choosing the Best Font in Canva

When choosing the best Canva fonts for your designs or brand fonts. Take into consideration the readability of the font and places where you want to use the fonts you’ll select.

Because some fonts that look great on designs in Canva may be horrible for your website. So you need to do AB testing if you are DIYing your brand.

And there are other great Canva font combinations for retro designs and different types of brands.

Although, fonts in this Canva font guide cater to both bloggers, designers, and small business owners.

Because as designers, it’s easy for us to choose fonts that blend with our designs, especially when working with clients.

However, for non-designers, bloggers, and small business owners, choosing the Best Canva fonts for your designs can be a chore and even a daunting process.

With this Canva font guide, you can choose the right Canva font for your brand.

If you have any questions, do share in the comment.
And if you don’t have any questions, tell me about your best Canva font Combo.