Best elegant aesthetic fonts on Canva

What are some aesthetic fonts on Canva? And how do I find a list of free aesthetic Canva fonts, so I can create jaw-dropping designs?

Maybe these questions are running through your mind as you scroll through Canva, looking for the best aesthetic fonts for your next design.

You can spend hours of your valuable time scrolling, changing, testing and searching for the right font to use in Canva.

Truly, it can be frustrating when trying to figure out what category to find elegant aesthetic fonts in Canva.

Fortunately, Canva has an extensive font library filled with beautiful, luxury-looking, minimal fonts.

Therefore, in this blog post, you’ll find the list of my best aesthetic fonts on Canva. And don’t worry. Most of the fonts in this list are free for all.

Although most of the fonts on this list are free, some are premium fonts in Canva pro

Canva pro has an extensive library of beautiful, clean and aesthetic fonts for creating jaw-dropping graphics.

Other amazing features include the Image background remover, content planner, millions of images and graphics, the Canva resize tool, etc. Canva pro is a whole class on its own.

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35 Best Aesthetic fonts on Canva for Luxury and Minimal Designs

Do you love luxury, high-end, minimal and elegant-looking design?

A simple blend of one of my best elegant aesthetic fonts in Canva will bring your designs to life. So, this is the big list of aesthetic Canva fonts;

1 | Pierson

Looking to create a clean, minimal design or brand? have you tried the Pierson font? 

Pierson is a clean serif aesthetic font on Canva. This font adds clean, minimal and yet luxurious looks to your design. 

This font will give your designs minimal, clean aesthetics, and one place where I love using this font is to create ideal pins and reels for beauty, home decor or lifestyle brands.

Pierson font is perfect for creating magazines, social media graphics, posters, quotes, branding and packaging, etc.

Although, Pierson is a  Canva pro font. You’ll need a Canva pro user to access this minimal font in Canva.

Pierson aesthetic font in Canva

2 | RoxboroughCF

A little Backstory: I first noticed RoxboroughCF font in Canva while scrolling through a Canva creator’s page, and a design caught my attention. Not the design style, but the font on the design.  

How stylish, carefree and elegant each letter looked, and I became hooked on it.

RoxboroughCF is an elegant, classy, minimal, and free aesthetic font on Canva with four variations and weights.

If you want to create high-end-looking designs, magazines especially, and other kinds of creative designs that jump off the screen, then Roxborough CF is one Canva fancy font you should try.

RoxboroughCF Elegant aesthetic font inn Canva

3 | Safira March

Safira March is not only an aesthetic Canva font, but also a regular, traditional-looking serif font with an infusion of modern and retro vibes.

Safira is one of the best elegant fonts in Canva that I use because of its unique, chic lettering style.

Additionally, this font is perfect for social media designs, branding and packaging, videos, banners, reels etc.

Safira March Elegant aesthetic font inn Canva

4 | Black Mango

Think about a font that infuses fun, luxury and minimal aesthetics; that font is Black Mango. 

Black mango is a free aesthetic Canva font on Canva with four different variations and weights. This font is another of my favourite elegant aesthetic Canva font.

You can use black mango font for branding, websites, social media designs, create promotional materials or give life to your minimal aesthetic brands.

Black Mango Elegant aesthetic font inn Canva

5 | Rasputin Light

Think minimal, clean, chic, then think about Rasputin Light font. A modern, sharp, versatile, curvy, slab serif font. 

If you want to add uniqueness and playfulness to your minimalist style brand and designs, then you should consider Rasputin light. It is a free Canva aesthetic font.

Rasputin Light Free aesthetic font in Canva

6 | Calgary

Calgary is a thin, minimal serif aesthetic font on Canva with only uppercase features. 

This font’s thin lines and lettering style make it perfect for titles, branding and adding a luxury yet clean feel to a design and brand.

Calgary Free aesthetic font in Canva

7 | Sego

Sego font is a free aesthetic font in Canva with a retro and modern touch. This serif style font makes your design look lush and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes yet gives a bougie feel to your design.

Sego is an elegant font on Canva that is perfect for creating logos, heading fonts for blogs, branding and packaging, and high-end designs.

You can find Sego font in Canva for free and also download this font on Creative Market.

Sego Free aesthetic font in Canva

8 | Afrah

Afrah is a minimal font in Canva for simple, practical, clean aesthetic designs, and one of the best elegant fonts in Canva; with some letters giving a San-serif vibe while other letters a serif vibe.  

Afrah font makes your designs and brand look minimal, clean, yet luxurious, and it’s a perfect font for bloggers, especially those in lifestyle and home decor niches.  

This font is amongst the top 10 in Canva aesthetic font list, and Afrah is perfect for logos, branding, social media designs, blogs etc.

Afrah Free aesthetic font in Canva

9| Cardo

Cardo is one of the first luxury fonts in Canva that I fell in love with because of its lettering style and high-end looks.

Cardo font is one of the best elegant fonts in Canva with an infusion of retro and modern look. 

This aesthetic Canva font is sleek, bold, eye-catchy, and perfect for editorials, logos, blogs, social media designs etc.

Cardo elegant font on Canva

10 | Tan Aegean (Canva Pro font)

You can’t have Canva aesthetic font lists without mentioning the Tan font families. 

Tan fonts are one of my favourite and best elegant fonts in Canva, and to kick off the list is the Tan Aegean .

Tan Aegean font is an elegant display serif font with fine, luxurious, and playful letters and makes designs look bold yet minimal and clean, making it versatile and perfect for many brands.

Tan Aegean elegant font on Canva

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11 | Tan Mon Cheri

Another of my favourite aesthetic font in Canva. Unlike Tan Aegean font with bolder letters, Tan Mon Cheri is a thin, lush, minimal-looking luxury font in Canva.

Think about creating sophisticated and high-end-looking yet playful designs, then you need to switch your font to Tan Mon Cheri font.

Tan Mon Cheri elegant font on Canva

12 | Prata

Prata is a unique and free aesthetic Canva font with distinct lettering curves and bold, clean, and minimal looks.

Prata font is perfect for creating attention-grabbing aesthetically pleasing designs and as a heading font for blogs and websites.

Prata elegant font on Canva

13 | Abril (Pro Canva Font)

When most people think about minimal fonts, they think about thin-looking fonts, and if you are searching for a thin, luxurious, and elegant font in Canva. 

Then, you’ll love Abril font. Abril is a modern serif minimal font in Canva with sharp, curvy looks. This font is great for creating ebooks, magazines, workbooks, and editorial materials.

Abril elegant font on Canva

14 | Catchy Mager

Are you looking to give your brand a facelift or dream of switching to an aesthetic brand style with unforgettable fonts? Then, you need Catchy Mager font.

Catchy Mager is one of the best elegant fonts in Canva for logo and branding designs. This aesthetic Canva font will make your brand feel high-end, straightforward, and exotic.

Catchy Mager elegant font on Canva

15 | Woodland

Woodland is another aesthetic Canva font with curvy edges and lettering style. Like Catchy Mager and Abril, this font is beautiful, clean, and a luxury font in Canva.

Woodland font gives quirky vibes, and I love using this font to create Canva templates for Canva.

Woodland elegant font on Canva

16 | Tan Angleton (Canva Pro font)

Tan Angleton is an elegant Canva font and will make any design look clean yet high-end. 

Tan Angleton font is classy and versatile and combines beautifully with a San serif font to create minimal aesthetics.

Tan Angleton elegant font on Canva

17 | Antic Didone

Another high-end minimalist aesthetic Canva font is Antic Didone. The first time I discovered this font, I was stoked by how distinctively beautiful and curvy the edges look.

Antic Didone is a lightweight luxury font in Canva for creating simple, clean, minimal-looking designs and is perfect for minimal or feminine brands alongside a script font like inflation, Halimum or January.

Antic Didone aesthetic minimalist canva font

18 | Flatlion

Did you imagine a script font making Canva aesthetic font list? Well, if you didn’t, you are yet to meet Flatlion.

Flatlion font is one of the best elegant aesthetic Canva fonts for feminine brands. 

Flatlion font is suitable for many purposes with its sleek strokes and curves. 

Therefore, this font can serve as your decorative font for your blog and website brands and is also perfect for creating social media graphics, logos, branding, signatures, etc.

Flatlion aesthetic minimalist canva font

20 | Halimum

Words that perfectly describe Halimum font are chic, clean, aesthetic, simple, connecting, etc.

Helium is another high-end luxury-looking and free aesthetic font on Canva for creating eye-catchy, clean designs and is perfect for minimal, luxury, and feminine brands.

Side notes: This font is popular amongst bloggers, and you’ll definitely find it on Pinterest pins by Lifestyle bloggers, mummy niche bloggers, etc.

Halimum aesthetic minimalist canva font

21 | Mak

Have you ever seen a font lettering style that makes your heart beat faster? 

 Well, you’re yet to experience the beautiful, cursive yet elegant look of Mak font, one of the best aesthetic fonts on Canva.

Mak font is timeless, as it gives a blend of modern and vintage font style vibes, but looks like two lovers walking on the streets of Paris holding hands together.

Mak aesthetic Canva font is elegant and warm. And perfect for headlines (blog and websites), magazine and editorials, high-end lux designs, and branding projects.

Mak aesthetic canva font-min

22 | Dream Avenue

Dream avenue is one of my favorite elegant aesthetic fonts on Canva because of its classic modern feel. 

Dream avenue font can turn any design from looking bland to luxury-looking, stylish, and high-end and can come in handy when creating social media videos such as reels, TikTok videos, etc.

Additionally, you can use Dream avenue font for wedding invitations and designs, branding, headings and social media graphics. 

And if you are in the home decor, fashion, luxury, and collectibles niche. This font will make your brand stand out online.

Dream avenue aesthetic canva font

23 | Marline Script font

Marline font is a monoline script aesthetic font on Canva with a mix of playful, elegant, and luxury vibes.

The strokes and lettering style of Marline font give it a distinct look from other Canva cursive fonts, which makes it versatile and suitable for blog graphics, social media designs, branding and invitation designs.

Marline aesthetic canva font

24 | Quiche (Canva Pro font)

An aesthetic font on Canva list without Quiche? No way! 

Imagine you want to impress your perfectionist boss with a high-end-looking minimal design. Quiche can help you uplevel your design.

Unlike other aesthetic Canva fonts, Quiche is not dramatic or has excessively curvy edges. Quiche font is straightforward, clean, simple, yet luxury-looking.

Quiche font is perfect for minimal brands with straightforward, simple, and unique branding, for blogs and websites as heading font, editorials, and magazines, lux designs, etc.

On Canva, you’ll find other variations of the Quiche font family. 

However, if you want to keep your designs strictly minimal, I recommend Quiche, Quiche thin, Quiche stencil thin, and Quiche Light.

Quiche minimalist aesthetic canva font

25 | Tan Pearl

I’m obsessed with Tan fonts, and whenever I think about elegant aesthetic Canva fonts, Tan pearl and the rest of the Tan family come to my mind.

Tan pearl is a high-end, luxurious, elegant free aesthetic font on Canva with its timeless looks and beautiful lettering style. 

Tan pearl font is perfect for wedding designs, social media graphics, quotes, magazines and editorial designs, ebooks, social media videos, etc.

Tan Pearl minimalist aesthetic canva font

26 | Gilda Display

Gilda Display is a fine, clean serif aesthetic Canva font and one of my favorite fonts on Canva because of its traditional yet chic looks.

Designed by Eduardo Tunni, Gilda display font is perfect for feminine and minimal brands with a balance between straightforward, chic, and stylish.

This font is perfect for online coaches, bloggers, branding, creating social media graphics, reels, Tiktok, and Youtube videos, and it’s also suitable for advertising.

Additionally, this font will easily pair with a san serif font like inter and other script fonts.

27 | Brown Sugar

Have you ever made a design in Canva using Brown sugar font?

Brown Sugar is also one of my favorite elegant aesthetic fonts on Canva. 

Brown sugar font is a modern, stylish serif font with a playful and serious vibe mix. This font is so elegant that it makes designs go from regular to luxury-looking.

This font pairs perfectly with San serif and serif fonts, and it’s perfect for branding, web designs, posters, illustrations, wedding designs, and invitations, for blogs as heading fonts.

Brown sugar aesthetic canva font

28 | Marcellus

A minimal font doesn’t have to be thin looking. Sometimes we need a bold aesthetic Canva font for a design, and that font is Marcellus.

Marcellus is an elegant Canva font that gives off clarity and straightforward, beautiful, and luxurious vibes.

If you are in the coaching industry and desire a minimal aesthetic font but don’t want to go in the traditional feminine-looking font direction, then Marcellus is your best choice.

Additionally, Marcellus font looks good on both websites and in print. 

Therefore it’s a perfect choice for branding and packaging, website designs, etc.

Gilda Display minimalist aesthetic canva font

29 | Ovo 

Ovo is one of the first minimal fonts in Canva that I fell in love with. And it is a free aesthetic font on Canva with a distinct lettering style.

A Simple hack I always use to make Ovo font dramatic looking in Canva is setting the letter spacing at -40 and above for headings, giving a unique look to my designs.

Additionally, Ovo gives a subtle, casual sensual feeling. But the downside is that Ovo is not a good font for body text on websites and prints.

Therefore, you should use this font for headings, and it’s perfect when it’s medium to big sizes.

Ovo Free aesthetic canva font

30 | Della Respira

Della Respira is a simple aesthetic font in Canva with beautiful textures and sharp edges. This serif font is minimal and perfect for simple design and decorative designs.

Della respira Free aesthetic canva font

31 | Hatton

Hatton is another classy, elegant font in Canva and one of my favorite Canva fonts for aesthetic designs.

Inspired by street signs and shop fronts of the Hatton Garden district of London. Hatton is high-end, chic, and luxury-looking and can make your design pop.

Hatton font is perfect for creating digital and printable planners, making videos for reels, ideal pins, Youtube, and other simple videos for social media.

Although a free aesthetic font in Canva, Hatton is versatile and can easily pass for playful, straightforward, chic, and modern at the same time.

Hatton Best aesthetic fonts in canva

32 | Forum

Forum Font is minimal and a personal favorite in this Canva aesthetic font list. 

You can use forum font as a heading font for websites and prints or for creating social media graphics, marketing materials, Posters, banners, etc.

Forum Free aesthetic canva font

33 | Higuen elegant serif

Are you looking for a vintage modern serif aesthetic Canva font to make your design stand out? 

Higuen elegant serif is one of the best elegant fonts in Canvas with vintage and retro vibes. The strong characteristics of this font make designs attractive and stand out. 

And because of the characters of the letter of Higuen, it’s perfect for branding, stationery designs, logos, creating workbooks, social media designs, magazines, and ebooks in Canva. 

Higuen Elegant Serif aesthetic canva font

34 | Billion Miracles

Just like Flatlion, Billion Miracles is another best script aesthetic fonts on Canva, and it’s a perfect blend of classic and modern handwriting styles.

Billion Miracles is a free aesthetic font on Canva, and you also access it with a free Canva account. This font is clean, minimal, and feminine.

Billion Miracles font is perfect for feminine brands. It can be used for Logos, branding, decorative fonts for websites, signatures, and social media graphics, or a mix of it in your social media videos.

Billion Miracles Best aesthetic fonts in canva

35 | Quattrocento

Quattrocento is a sophisticated, classic, and elegant aesthetic Canva font for simple, clean, and straightforward designs. 

Quattrocento font pairs perfectly with any San serif font, and it’s perfect as a heading font for stationery, magazines, and social media designs. 

However, to create an eye-catchy design using Quattrocento font, you need to increase the font size to medium or large, as small letters are not readable.

Therefore, I don’t recommend using this font for body copy on both website designs and creating ebooks or long-form content.

Quattrocento Best aesthetic fonts in canva

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Finally on the Best Aesthetic Fonts on Canva

Canva is fast becoming an industry and not just a tool because of its ease of use and other time-saving features.

Due to the versatility of Canva, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed searching for fonts. 

With this aesthetic fonts list, it will be easy for you to choose the right fonts, save time and create eye-catchy Canva graphics and marketing materials to get your brand in front of your audience.

What are your favourite aesthetic fontS in Canva? What are your go-to fonts for creating designs? Let me know in the comments.

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