73 best Instagram call to action examples

Are you looking for some powerful Instagram call to action examples, so you can boost your Instagram post engagements?

Creating content on Instagram without using the right call to action on every post leads to low engagement or having your audience write whatever suits them in the comment section.

This might be fine for personal accounts, even though I recommend that all accounts use call to actions for Instagram 

But for business accounts, the right Instagram call to action is essential for building an engaging audience, making sales, etc.

A powerful Instagram call to action example like “Comment I want your $10k a month business plan” is better than “click the link in my bio to grab my $10k a month business plan”. 

Yes, both are Instagram call to action examples, but “comment I want your $10k a month business plan” will drive more engagement on your post and help filter those who are serious.

The type of Instagram call to action you use on your post will determine the amount of engagement you get, especially for static posts and Instagram reels.

The truth is the Instagram algorithm shows your post to only a fraction of your audience, and they’ll see more of your content if they engage with it.

Like, viewing and replying to your stories and posts, watching your reels, or even searching for your account.

Let’s backtrack: Have you ever wondered why some IG accounts you follow and their content doesn’t pop up on your feed sometimes?

However, once you engage with their account again, their content will start showing up on your feed.

Therefore, call-to-action is a compulsory part of your Instagram strategy. To achieve the goals you set for your Instagram account, you need to use a powerful and engaging Instagram call to action.

If you’re not using the right Instagram, call to action because you’re confused and don’t know what’s working. Fret not; I got you!

In this blog post, you’ll find 70+ powerful Instagram call to action examples for Instagram Reels, CTA for Instagram bio, and stories, so you can drive engagement on your posts.

What is a good Call to action on Instagram?

Instagram call to action are words and prompts that encourage your audience to take immediate action. Such as buying, subscribing, commenting, or sharing your post on Instagram.

The purpose of using a call to action on Instagram is to prompt your audience to engage with your post. Thereby boosting your engagement and your content reach on Instagram.

73 Powerful Instagram Call to Action Examples

Here is a list of 73+ powerful Instagram call to action examples to drive engagement on Instagram.

  1. Want to find out how I can help you solve X Problems? Send us a DM.
  2. Tag someone who needs to see this.
  3. Take the poll in our stories
  4.  “Comment with your favorite emoji if you’re ready for X.”
  5.   “Comment X, and I’ll Pop in your Dm with Freebie.”
  6.  Click the link in the Bio
  7. Save this post for later
  8. 8 | What’s your Favorite? (this question is perfect for Instagram Carousels posts
  9. True or False
  10.  Like if you agree
  11.  DM me for the link
  12.  Follow for more tips
  13. Read more on the blog
  14. Let’s Chat in the comments
  15. Join our Waitlist
  16. Follow for more tips on achieving (X actions)
  17. Tag a (Person in X niche)
  18. Introduce yourself in the comments
  19. 20| Click the link in our Bio to shop now!
  20. Share your success story in the comment with us!
  21. Have you tried this?
  22. Check out our story for more information!
  23. Ask me in the comments.
  24. One truth and two lies, Guess which of these is correct
  25. Double Tap if you agree
  26. Discount available for X Time. Link in Bio to shop now.
  27. Save this video for later (call to action for Instagram reels)
  28. Check our Instagram story for more.
  29. Find out why in the caption (call to action for Instagram reels).
  30. Join our newsletter for more.
  31. Which (X item) is your fave?
  32. Gimme your favorite [emoji] if you want to see more posts like this!
  33. Shop smarter and save more!
  34. Click the link in our Bio to get the latest updates!
  35. Follow us for exclusive tips and tricks like this.
  36. Share this Reel with one person who would appreciate it (call to action for Instagram reels)
  37. Create a Reel inspired by ours
  38. Tag us in your story when you share our Reel
  39. Like if you can relate
  40. Double Tap if you would try this
  41. Like if you would like to have this
  42. Introduce yourself in the comments
  43. Follow us and share your Reel (call to action for Instagram reels)
  44. Signup to reserve your seat.
  45. Limited time only. Click our link in Bio.

Call to action for Instagram Ads

  1. “Swipe left to see why you won’t want to miss out!”
  2. “Shop now and upgrade your style!”
  3. “Get yours today and feel the difference.”
  4. “Limited time offer, don’t miss out!”
  5. “Click to discover the magic for yourself!”
  6. “Order now and experience the best!”
  7. “Start your journey to a better you!”
  8. “Get your hands on this exclusive deal!”
  9. “Take advantage of this opportunity now!”
  10. “Transform your “X Problem” with just one click.”

What are some Call to Action examples for Instagram Stories?

  1. “DM us for more information.”
  2. “Double tap if you agree.”
  3. Add photos of you doing “X.”
  4. “Tag a friend who needs to see this.”
  5. Join the poll.
  6. Swipe up to read more.
  7. Click the link to sign up.

Call to action Instagram Reels

  1. “Turn on post notifications so you never miss a Reel!”.
  2. “Save this Reel to watch later!”
  3. “Tag a friend who needs to see this!”
  4. “Watch our other Reels for more content!”
  5. “Leave a comment and let us know what you think!”
  6. “Check out our profile for more Reels like this!”
  7. “Join the conversation and Reel it forward!”
  8. “Click the link in bio for more.”
  9. “Swipe up to shop now.”
  10. “Unlock the secrets to “doing X in your Niche.” Swipe up to learn more.

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Where to add These Instagram Call to Action Examples?

  1. Add Instagram call to actions examples to your profile contact and Shop buttons).
  2. Instagram bio
  3. Instagram feed post caption and carousels.
  4. Instagram Story (Swipe Up to visit a link).
  5. Instagram Reels.
  6. Instagram Live Shopping.

 Benefits of using Instagram Call to actions

1 | Increased Engagement: 

With an Instagram call to action, you encourage your followers to take the exact action you want them to take. 

Call to action, such as liking, commenting, and sharing your posts, buying from you, and even turning them into leads for your sales funnels, etc. 

2 | Increased Reach: 

Instagram Algorithm favors accounts with engagements. When you use Instagram call-to-actions, people engage with your content. 

Instagram gives your posts a wider reach, as your followers are more likely to share your content if they know what action you’d like them to take. 

3 | Improved Credibility and Brand Awareness: 

When you ask your audience to take specific actions such as “comment if you want X tips” or something that will help them, you position yourself as an authority. 

You are actively engaging with your followers and giving them clear instructions. This will eventually lead to an increase in brand awareness and create a more recognizable presence on Instagram.

4 | Increased Traffic and Leads

You don’t own the audience you build on Instagram, which is the honest truth.

Therefore, every post you put out on Instagram should have a conversion goal, and one of these goals should be converting your followers to your email list subscribers. 

And by giving your followers clear instructions, you can increase the number of conversions, such as signups, downloads, and purchases. 

Although, driving traffic from Instagram to your website is not sustainable. 

And If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your website, you should focus on SEO or Pinterest

However, you can convert your Instagram to sales, signups, leads, etc. 

5 | Increased ROI: 

Using Instagram call-to-actions, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) and be sure to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

If you want to stand out in the Instagram space as a business owner, you need to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

This means using call to action for Instagram and engaging captions is not an option, but a necessity.

Tips for Creating Strong Instagram Call to Actions

Ready to up your Instagram call to action game with these Instagram Call to action examples? These are my best tips for creating call actions that move the hands of your audience.

1 | Keep Your Call to Action for Instagram simple, Clear, and Concise

People have a little attention span and want quick wins. 

Therefore, you want to ensure your call to action is easy to understand and doesn’t contain too many words or complex concepts. 

Use action-oriented words that inspire users to take immediate action, like “click the link,” “follow us,” “like this post, DM to get the “x tips,” etc.

And most importantly, don’t have more than one Instagram CTA at a time. It makes it easier for your audience to follow through. 

And that’s why I have included these Instagram call-to-action examples to help you get your audience hooked immediately.

2 | Make it visible and Relevant Visuals: 

Include an image or video related to your call to action to make it more engaging.

Also, ensure your call to action stands out and is placed in a highly visible area of your post.

Avoid placing your call to action only in the caption section for more visibility. 

Also, Include your call to action in the graphics, images, or videos you’re posting. 

This is because only a few people read captions. If you want them to read your captions and take action, you should direct them to do so.

3 | Create a Sense of Urgency

For Instagram posts intended for sales or leads and signups kike webinars, quizzes and ads, etc. 

Add a deadline or a limited-time offer to your call to action to encourage people to act quickly, especially for sales and promotional posts.

For someone like me, if there is no sense of urgency, I’ll procrastinate taking action. 

Imagine how many people;e will plan to look at it later and never do because there is no urgency. 

4 | Offer an incentive  

When your audience takes action, don’t forget to reward people who follow through on your calls to action, such as a discount code or freebies, gifts, etc. This encourages your audience to engage with your account.

5 | Use attention-grabbing graphics: 

Use eye-catching graphics and colors to draw attention to your call to action. This could be a bold, contrasting color or an arrow pointing to your call to action. 

To create attention-grabbing graphics for your next post, check out our conversion-ready Instagram post-Canva templates.

6| Personalize your message and Approach  

Your Instagram call to action should address your audience and use language that speaks directly to them to make them feel like you understand their needs. 

This could be a motivational message, a sense of urgency, or a promise of value such as “share this to change someone’s life or put a smile on someone’s face. DM to get your Sales copy fixed and like if this is you”, etc.

Instagram Call to Action Examples Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a call to action button on Instagram?

Yes, you can add a call-to-action button on your Instagram bio, such as “contact us, shop,” etc.

How do You make a Call to Action on Instagram Stories?

A call to action (CTA) on Instagram Stories can be created by:

  1. Adding text or graphic elements: prompts the user to take a specific action, such as “Swipe up” or “Click the link.”
  2. Share links to your blog post, sales pages, and offers using the “Swipe Up” available on Instagram stories to add a direct Instagram Call to action.
  3. On your Instagram Bio; include a link to your website. And direct users to it your static or reel posts.
  4. Utilize Instagram’s shopping feature to drive sales.

Finally, on Powerful Instagram Call to Actions Examples

Using the right Instagram CTA for your business is compulsory if you want to build engagement on Instagram and eventually grow your audience. 

And Instagram algorithm rewards accounts with engagement by showing their content to more people. 

Therefore you should craft a strong and engaging call to action for every post on Instagram.

Finally, what is your go-to call to action on Instagram? Which Instagram call to action performs the best for your account?