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What kind of client experience are you giving? Do you onboard your new client with Client welcome packets?

So, you just signed a new client, and you are so happy about hitting your income goal, and your Client is nervous, especially if it’s the first time working with you. 

There is this saying I learned from my Branding instructor “People don’t buy products, but they buy experience and the feeling of using or having that product.”  

So what kind of client experience are you creating? 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a coaching client, photography client, design client, or maybe you are a virtual assistant. 

A Client welcome guide is essential for anyone in the coaching or service-based business. 

A little backstory; Once, my friend, who is a Pinterest manager, reached out to me, and at that time, she was starting her Pinterest management business. I advised her to get a client welcome packet template. 

But, she didn’t consider it necessary, since she stated all the ethos in their chat, and they kickstarted the project. 

A month in, she wasn’t meeting her Client’s “expectations,” and it wasn’t her fault or her Client’s fault because she was rendering the right service to him, but he had a different expectation. 

Let’s get back to you;

Have you ever had a client with whom you had to go back and forth, and almost end up feeling frustrated?

  • You are frustrated because the Client isn’t providing accurate information or shows up late, causing the project to take longer than expected.
  • Your Client is upset that you are offering only two revisions and now charging an additional cost for multiple revisions.
  • The Client is expecting the project to finish earlier than it’s taking, and you hear, “oh, if I knew it would take this long, I’d have hired someone else.”

You can easily manage these misunderstandings with a new client welcome packet. 

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What is a Client Welcome Packet?

A Client welcome packet is a handy PDF or a welcome guide that you can use to;

Introduce yourself and your business to your Client, set boundaries and manage expectations, easily walk your Client through your processes and project timeline, answer common questions bothering them and set proper channels for communication.

Client welcome packets help to manage expectations. It could be a coaching client welcome packet, a photography welcome packet, or a simple welcome packet for virtual assistants.

Onboarding your clients with a welcome packet will not only help set boundaries and manage expectations. 

Client welcome packets help you look professional and elevate your client onboarding processes and client experience.

Additionally, a digital client welcome packet is recommendable since both parties can have them handy, anytime and any day. 

Since we’ve established that a Client welcome packet is important when onboarding new clients as service-based entrepreneurs and coaches. 

I know you are wondering what to include in a client welcome packet, so without wasting time, let’s walk through 11 essential things to include in your Client welcome packet.

11 Vital Details to Include in Client Welcome Packets in 2023

Now you know a Client welcome packet is vital for your service and coaching business, and you are wondering what you should include in a Client welcome packet.

1 | Welcome Message

A warm and calming welcome message is necessary when crafting your new Client welcome packet pdf. It helps reinforce your Client’s purchase decision. 

People experience buyer’s remorse (I mean, I paid for an apartment a few days ago, and I don’t know how I feel). 

So, you want to assure your Client that they made the right decisions. Your welcome message is the right opportunity to ease their doubt and whatever they may be feeling for trusting you with their business and money.

Focus on getting them excited about working together. Share how beneficial it will be working with you and address your Client’s problem and how your service will solve their problem.

Your welcome message is your opportunity to excite your Client one more time or share great qualities that you know will help your Client relax and trust you.

For example; When working with a client, I’m punctual with delivering projects, and I have a habit of taking my clients along when handling projects. Working hand in hand with clients makes it easy for me, and I have fewer calls for revision. 

So, hype yourself, girl, and be sure to stand for what you preach!!!!!

2 | Introduction & About Us 

I know you already met your Client, and they are a little familiar with you because they just handed out some dollar bills in cash payments for you to work with them. But, you can write a little introduction and your story. 

State your Brand Ethos in your Client Welcome Guide :

In your Client welcome packet, you can include your mission statement, goals, culture, who you serve and how you help your clients reach their goals. Stating your brand ethos helps you look professional and put together.

Introduce your Team: 

Do you have a team working with you? Introducing members of your team is optional. 

However, if any member of your team will be in contact with the Client, you should share a little story behind the team, their roles, and how they will help make the Client’s project a huge success.

New client welcome packet template about us pages

3 | Service Package Overview

The next thing to include in your Client welcome packets is a service package overview. This section is where you explain what’s included in the package. State what’s obtainable by your Client in the cause of delivering the project.

Example: If you are creating 13 Pinterest pins (10 standard pins and 3 ideal pins) weekly for $150, state it boldly. So your client doesn’t expect something else.

Will you be offering a complimentary coaching call, and how often will you speak with a client? Is it once or twice a month.

Do you offer unlimited revisions, or do you offer just 3-revisions and additional revisions attract additional fees of X amount? 

What to Expect

The idea of using Client welcome packets is to manage expectations and ensure both you (the seller or freelancer), and your Client are on the same page with the service you are about to render. 

That is why a Client welcome guide is so essential when onboarding your Client.

Pro tips: In my service overview section, I usually include a page with the title “What to Expect” this is where I explain every detail of the project deliverables.  

Also include info on what your Client should expect and shouldn’t expect. Ensure to include this section in your Client welcome packet. 

However, sometimes clients can go back and forth with you on their expectations after receiving your welcome packets. 

Discuss with your Client, find common grounds, set new boundaries and whatever adjustments and changes you make, include them in your welcome packets and resend your welcome packets. Always ensure proper documentation so that you can protect yourself and your Client.

For example, You are offering a maximum of 3 reviews. Any other review attracts additional costs and your Client bargains for 4-main reviews. 

If you are willing to make this adjustment, state that down in your Client welcome packets and resend it.

Quick Fact sheets: 

This is optional. However, a quick fact sheet is essential. 

And, yes, we have established that the goal of a new client welcome packet pdf is to manage expectations.  

Using a quick fact sheet, you can state facts about the service you are rendering. 

List things like what you expect them to download. Do you want them to be on slack, Voxer? 

State your project management tool. Is it slack, Trello or Honeybook? Make it known and give them a guide on how to get on the project management tool you will be using.

New client welcome packet design canva template - all features

4 | Process Overview, Project Deliverables & Timelines 

When onboarding a new client using a Client welcome guide, include your process overview. Adding a process overview will help your Client understand how best they can work with you. 

Your process overview includes your processes, methods and frameworks, resources, deliverables and deadlines for each project phase. Don’t forget to specify the deadlines for each step or phase of the process.

Also, your process overview will go hand in hand with your timeline, dates and deliverables.

For example: If you are a web designer, you want your Client to fill out a questionnaire within the first two days, and you receive helpful feedback from your Client as you create the structure of their website. 

You’ll also communicate with your Client when you move the project from Wireframe to an actual CMS like WordPress, Squarespace etc.

Project Deliverables

What will you be providing your Client on and after the project? This section lists the deliverables that you’ll be providing to the Client during/after the project. 

Including deliverable sections in your Client packets help you look professional and manages your Client’s expectation. It gives everyone a clear picture of what is expected.

Timelines and Deadlines: Include important dates, the project timelines and deadlines in your Client welcome guide.

Example: You are a freelance writer, and your Client will receive the project’s first phase on the 16th and need to review and give feedback on or before the 20th of the month. 

A project timeline will help to ease your Client into the projects. You can use a calendar layout and project roadmap to help your Client understand your project processes.

client welcome packet design - project overview and timeline

5 | Client’s Best Practices and Responsibilities

Clearly stating your Client’s best practices, responsibilities and guidelines in your Client welcome packet are essential. 

Include essential details on how they should act, and what you expect of your Client when they fill your questionnaires and give you quality feedback.

For example, if you are a coach, you will need to add your coaching best practices to your coaching client welcome packet pdf, informing your Client of things they should do before and after a coaching session with you.

Additionally, if you have a task you want your Client to carry out before, after or during the project, be sure to state it clearly, to avoid confusion or the both of you going back and forth. 

You can use pages such as;

Client Homework: 

This is a page in your Client welcome packet where you list a checklist of things expected to be done by your clients for the project to be a success. E.g., filling out questionnaires, reviewing the projects, hopping on coaching calls with you. 

Kindly note; that the type of homework expected of a client varies from industry to industry.

Client Survey

Will your Client be required to fill out a survey? If yes, include this in your digital Client welcome packet.

New client welcome guide - client homework page

6 | Communication

When working with clients, proper communication cannot be overemphasized. 

So, clearly state what measures or channels you and your Client will use for communication. It is important to set healthy boundaries with your clients.

A little backstory: I once hired a freelancer to work on a writing project for me, and one of the things I noticed right off the bat was that she doesn’t communicate with her clients properly.

She asked me a few questions using her questionnaire, started working on a project and ended up messing it all up. Because she assumed she knew what I wanted.

Setting up a proper communication channel between you and your Client is your responsibility, and never assume you know 100% what they want to avoid disputes.

Therefore, in your new Client welcome packet, you need to outline the following;

  • What tool or channel will you use for communication throughout the project? (email, skype, zoom, slack, Voxer etc.)
  • How often you’ll communicate with each other? (monthly, weekly, twice a week etc.)
  • Do you have office hours? State if you will be available all around the clock to respond to comments, emails and calls. 
  • How long should they wait to receive feedback from you? (Ex. 24-48hours).

7 | Tools and Resources

The tools and resources section is vital for your Client welcome packets. 

Because if you have specific tools, resources and software that you’ll be using for your project with the Client. Your Client will need to know how to access and use these tools.

However, suppose your Client has no prior experience working with you or doesn’t know how to use the tools available to carry out the project. 

In that case, it is your responsibility to share these tools and tutorials on using and accessing them. You can easily attach a hyperlink in your Client welcome packet PDF on how they can access these tools.

New client welcome packet design canva template - what to expect pages

8 | Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a frequently asked question section to your client welcome packets will prevent emailing back and forth between you and your Client. It also shows you are a professional and have your Client’s comfort at heart.

In your client welcome packets, outline and answer those questions that you end up having to answer a million times for all of your clients.

Although your clients will ask you questions for clarity’s sake, you won’t receive a swam of emails from them trying to figure out what this whole process entails.

New client welcome packet template-Testimonial what next pages

9 | Payment Options, Billing and Invoice

In some cases, you need to remind your Client when and how they will pay you for the service you are rendering.

Will you receive payments on a 50/50 basis? (i.e., part payment before you commence the project, which they must have done before you proceed to send a client welcome packets and 50 after the final approval).

Do you offer payments by milestone? (i.e., your Client is paying you a certain amount after approving every section of your project).

Payment Method and Invoice:

 Adding an invoice to your Client welcome packet is optional. For example, whenever I’m working on a simple project with a client. I create an invoice using Paypal or attach my invoice and billing method to my Client welcome packets.

So in your Client welcome guide, you can break down your payment process, details and payment options.

If you include payment plans in your services, you should also include the due dates for future payments and how they can be paid. Stating due dates is vital if your Client is on a payment plan.

Including due dates, in your client welcome packets will serve as a reminder for your clients and help you get paid on time.

New client welcome packet design canva template - Payments options and invoice page

10 | Terms, Conditions and Legal Contracts

Most freelancers and coaches overlook this section in their new Client welcome packets, but this is important. 

When onboarding a new client, clearly state your terms and conditions and send over a contract you and your Client will sign. Legal contracts help to protect you from any legal action.

When working with clients on a 1:1 basis, I use 7-figures blogger and business lawyer Amira Irfan’s independent contractor and freelancer templates.

client welcome packets design - terms and policy

11 | What’s Next

The final section to include in your Client welcome packet is a what’s next page. Consider this a call to action page where you invite your Client to take action after reading your Client welcome packet pdf.

Invite your new Client to your Facebook group, schedule a zoom or coaching call, fill out a questionnaire, fill out and submit client homework etc.

Furthermore, to create an excellent client experience, each section in a Client welcome packet connects to help you manage client expectations. It would be best to use your client welcome packet to create a seamless onboarding experience for your Client.

New client welcome packets template-Testimonial what next pages

Ready to Create Your Client Welcome Packets for your Business?

With our well-crafted premade client welcome packet template in Canva for your business. These 70+ editable client welcome kit templates are easily customizable with assortments of pages to work with. So Grab this Client Welcome Packets Canva templates.

Are you ready to create your client welcome packet for your business and create a better onboarding experience for your clients?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Client Welcome Packets

Why Do You need a Client Welcome Packet?

Welcome packets for Client is necessary when onboarding a new client because it helps with the following;

Manages clients’ expectations: Your client welcome guide helps you and your new clients get on the same page regarding what to expect and what not to expect. It helps guide your Client on what they should be expecting as deliverables when the project is over.

Reinforce your Client’s Buying decision: Buyer’s guilt is real. Sending your Client a welcome packet will help them reinforce their buying decision, making them see the benefits they should expect as returns on their investments.

Helps your Client Navigate and Understand Your Processes: Your welcome packets for new clients help your Client ease into your processes. It serves as a roadmap and guide to working with you. It could be a coaching client welcome guide, welcome packets for service-based businesses or photography client welcome packets.

When Should I Send a New Client Welcome Packet?

You will send your Client a welcome packet right after a client makes their first payment.  If you are in a service-based business, the package list you send your Client containing a list of services and packages you offer is called a Service Pricing Guide. In comparison, a Client welcome packet is what you will send after a client makes a down payment.

Things to note about Creating Your Client welcome packets

These are my best tips and things to note when creating a client welcome packet design for your coaching or service-based business.

1 | Review your Client Welcome Packets and the contract you will send to your Client:

Ensure your contract, and your new Client welcome packet says the same things. You don’t want to misunderstand each other — because of conflicting features and clauses in your Client welcome packet and contracts

2 | Breakdown Pages into Sections

When crafting your Client welcome packets, ensure to use sections with a clear title. For example, in the first section, “Introduction.”

Breaking down your new client welcome kit into sections helps your Client understand your services and processes better without feeling overwhelmed.

3 | Include Images and Format your text Properly

Proper presentation of your client welcome kit makes you look professional. So, use your brand colours and images. Also, format your text correctly.

Finally, on onboarding new clients with Welcome Packets.

Your service client welcome packet or coaching client welcome packets are necessary when onboarding new clients as a coach or service provider. 

It helps to manage your Client’s expectations, set healthy boundaries, and serve your clients in the best way possible.

So, if you don’t have a Client welcome package or what you have isn’t comprehensive, create one using our 70+ editable client welcome packets Canva template. GRAB our Client Welcome Kits Canva templates.

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