A landing page is a page on the web that allows you to capture a visitor’s information using a conversion form or opt-in form. The cost of creating a landing page differs and totally depends on your skill or if you are outsourcing using a premade landing pages template like the landing page templates.

There are different tools and ways to create a landing page, and creating a landing page in Flodesk is one of the simplest methods. 

Also, you can create a landing page in Flodesk even if you don’t have a website or yet to launch your website.

Imagine launching your website, course, or products, and you want to start building the hype 2-3 months before launching. You are persistently promoting your offer, and you don’t want people to come in contact with your promotional material without taking action.

You can use a Flodesk landing page to collect and convert those leads, even if you don’t have a website.

But, before we delve into how to create a landing page in Flodesk and grow your email list, collect leads even if you don’t have a website. Let’s find out what is Flodesk and what is Flodesk landing page?

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What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is a new email marketing service provider for small business owners and helps you create beautiful, jaw-dropping, and attention-grabbing emails. Founded in 2019 by Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak, who are creators for creators. Flodesk is no longer in the Beta stage from December 2021

You can use Flodesk to design and send on-brand marketing emails, create opt-in forms to grow your list, build powerful email automation and create easy-peasy landing pages and workflows for your business, even if you don’t have a website.

Before you delve into creating a landing page in Flodesk, you should set up your Flodesk account properly.

However, if you have done that already, I will be happy to walk you through how to create a landing page in Flodesk, even if you don’t have a website.

flodesk landing page

How to Create a Beautiful landing page in Flodesk  

I know you are hyped to create your landing page in Flodesk as quickly as possible. But before I show you how to set up a beautiful Flodesk landing page. 

There are some Flodesk features you need to be conversant with and how to use them. So, you can create a seamless and streamlined workflow in Flodesk. To create an effective landing page in Flodesk, a Flodesk workflow will be required. 

To create an effective Landing page in Flodesk that converts leads and creates engagements better, this process occurs;

A subscriber opts into your landing page/ form → after subscribing. The subscriber will be added to a segment in Flodesk → the action of adding a new subscriber to a segment will trigger a workflow → your workflow sends the freebie immediately to the subscriber and the emails you want them to receive. 

Stuck on Freebie ideas?

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What is Flodesk Segment?

Flodesk segments allow you to organize your email list audience into smaller, essential groups. They are similar to Mailchimp’s tags.

Imagine your email list is a restaurant filled with people who want different meals and segments as a waiting queue for people who want a particular meal (e.g, steak).

Another example of a Flodesk segment; Let’s imagine you are a lifestyle blogger who blogs about natural hair care, productivity, and food.

And you offer different freebies for your natural hair, productivity, and food categories. You don’t want these subscribers mixed up, so you can target each category appropriately.

You can use a Flodesk segment to send specific emails to each audience.

With Flodesk Workflow, you can;

1) Send a subscriber into a particular segment

2) Import and Export subscribers manually into segments

3) Trigger workflow and email sequence when a subscriber is added to a list.

How to Create and Use Flodesk Segment

To create a segment in Flodesk;

  •  In your Flodesk dashboard, navigate to the top bar where you have emails, forms, workflow, and audience.
  • Click on “audience,” and see a new part with your subscribers.
  •  Now click on segments and click on the “new segment” tab at the top right corner. A new window will pop up with a box “name your segment.”
  • Input the name you like, choose any colour to quickly identify the segment, and click on save.

Viola! You have successfully created your first Flodesk segment. 

Flodesk Opt-in Forms:

Flodesk has about six opt-in form features: Pop up Forms, in-line with ribbon, in-line form with image, and full-page template landing page.

Flodesk opt-in forms help you collect your subscriber’s email. Opt-in forms are essential because you need people to directly sign in to your email list before sending them emails or reaching out to them in email Marketing.

You can’t send your audience emails if they don’t opt into your email list – else, you will be violating the CAN-SPAM Act.

Flodesk forms can either be an in-line form, a pop-up form, or a landing page. But, the most important thing is that your audience can enter their email address to opt-in to your list.

So, there are a few ways you can use Flodesk Opt-in Forms.

An In-line or Pop-form: embed a Flodesk opt-in form on your website, blog, Worpress/Elementor/Squarespace landing page, or any other place that allows you to embed custom HTML code.

Flodesk Landing Page forms: with a Flodesk landing page, you can publish a form directly to the web to collect leads, and you don’t need a website. After publishing your Flodesk landing page, you will copy the link and share it anywhere, Instagram, social media, etc.

These are the types of Flodesk opt-in forms, but for the sake of this tutorial, we will be covering how to build a landing page in Flodesk.

Flodesk Landing page: 

Flodesk landing page is a type of Flodesk opt-in form that allows you to create a landing page (web page) to capture leads even if you don’t have a website.

A flodesk landing page is easy to set up, and you don’t need any fancy tool, just a Flodesk account. I can give you a 30-days free trial when you signup for Flodesk using my link. 

Therefore, without further ado, let’s create a beautiful landing page in Flodesk using these few steps;

How to Create a Landing page in Flodesk – Step by Step

1) Navigate to the top menu in your Flodesk Dashboard and click on Forms

2) At the top right corner, click on the tab +new form to start a new form

how to create stunning landing pages in flodesk

3) Click on the Full page at the left corner and scroll to pick any landing page form you like.


4) choose a form and click on Customize to edit the Floodesk landing page form


5) When you click on customize, a new pop-up for choosing a segment will appear. This is an important step; you can create a new segment or choose from an existing segment. 


To create a new segment directly in your form, type in your new segment name and hit the save button, or choose from existing segments and save.

6) Start customizing your form. To customize your flodesk form, click on the area (element) you want to edit. You can;

Edit fonts (change font type, change font’s colours, size, alignment, and spacing).

To upload your images in Flodesk, click on the placeholder image and upload your images directly from your computer. Add images directly from Unsplash or add a Gif from GIPHY.

7) When you are satisfied with the look of your Flodesk landing page form, click on Next at the top right corner of your screen and choose your form preference.

Should we double opt-in each time a subscriber is added to your list (this means, after a subscriber sign up to your list, Flodesk will send a message to them immediately to verify by clicking the link in the message)

The next preference is if you want to receive a notification each time a subscriber is added to your email list. 

Also, choose if you want your subscriber to receive a successful message after signing up to your list or be directed to another URL. (I use the redirect option when I want to add my subscriber to an existing sales funnel)

8) Publish your Flodesk landing page and copy the URL. 


Some Pro tips on Driving Traffic to your Landing page in Flodesk;

Add your landing page URL to a blog post

Insert your URL in your Instagram page bio

Promote your Flodesk landing page URL on Pinterest

Flodesk email

One of the features Flodesk has been known for since its launching is its beautiful email templates features. When I send an email using flodesk to my subscribers, I receive compliments on how beautiful these emails look.

Therefore, it is crucial you know how to create and set up a Flodesk email sequence to connect your beautiful landing page in Flodesk to beautiful emails and a perfect Flodesk workflow (sequence).

flodesk email templates

How to Easily Create and use Flodesk Email

When creating an email, you will connect to your Flodesk landing page, so your subscriber will receive an instant email with a link to download and access your freebie when a subscriber signs up for your freebie. Your freebie could be an ebook, video, tutorial, or webinar.

Steps for Setting up Flodesk Emails

Step 1:  Go to email on the top menu in your Flodesk account.

Step 2:  click on the tab +new email to start a new email

Step 3: select any pre-existing flodesk email templates or create one from scratch.

Step 4 Customize your email, and don’t forget to include a link to your lead magnet download; you can use a button or just a link.

Step 5: if you were sending this email as a newsletter, you can go ahead and choose an audience and send or schedule the email. However, this email will be a part of a Flodesk workflow. 

So, when someone signs up to your landing page or flodesk form, they will receive these emails as a part of a welcome sequence (AKA email automation or workflow).

It is important to note; to create a successful landing page in Flodesk that collects and converts leads. You need to have an opt-in form (in this case, a Flodesk landing page, a segment, and emails ready). With the following established, let’s create your first Flodesk workflow.

What is a Flodesk Workflow?

A Flodesk Workflow is a set of automated email sequences and email collections triggered when a subscriber is added to a segment in Flodesk.

Automation is essential in email marketing as it helps you meet the needs of your audience at the right time, even when you are not available. In Flodesk, email marketing automation is simply called a Flodesk Workflow. 

This is what happens in a Flodesk workflow;

A subscriber subscribes to your flodesk landing page > your subscriber will be added to a segment > this triggers your workflow to begin. Your workflow emails could be a welcome sequence, a nurture sequence, or a sales funnel.

flodesk workflow sales sequence

Your Flodesk email workflow could be that a subscriber subscribes and receives your freebie, and 24 hours later, you send a welcome email or tutorial, followed by a series of emails and sales emails offering your subscriber discounts to your products or consequent newsletters.

Do you understand the picture I’m trying to paint on setting up your simple Flowdesk workflow?

how to set up a workflow in flodesk

How to Connect Flodesk Workflows to a Landing page in Flodesk

Step 1:  Go to Workflow at the top menu in your Flodesk account.

Step 2 click on the tab +new workflow to start a new Flodesk workflow

Step 3: select any pre-existing Flodesk workflow or click on start from scratch at the left corner to start a new workflow from scratch (I use this constantly).

Step 4 A box will pop up requesting you name your workflow. After naming your workflow, click on save.

Step 5: Choose the segment that will trigger your workflow. Remember, you need to specify the segment your landing page subscribers will be added to once they subscribe. So your workflow starts when a subscriber is added to that segment.

Step 6: Click on the “plus sign” to add the next step, sending an email containing your freebie immediately. You can create this email or duplicate an existing email. Don’t forget to add your email subject line and the preview text.

Step 7:  To add the next step, click on the plus sign. After sending my freebie in an email, immediately after a subscriber opt’s into my flodesk landing page or flodesk opt-in form.

I add a time delay of 24 hours before sending the following email. Which will be followed by multiple emails day after day until the end of my nurture, welcome, or sales sequence.

Pro Tips to note: The length of your automation or workflow in flodesk will depend on your email sequence’s overall goal. 

Step 8: When you are satisfied with your email sequence, hit the publish button, and Viola, your Flodesk landing page is ready to collect and convert leads.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Creating a Landing Page in Flodesk

Is Flodesk Free? 

Flodesk is not free, but offers a 30-days free trial. During the 30-days free trial, you can access all Flodesk features, including Flodesk landing pages, Flodesk opt-in forms, workflow, and stunning Flodesk email templates.

How Much Does Flodesk Cost per month?

When Flodesk was in Beta, you could get it at $19 monthly for life if you signed up with my affiliate link (I wrote about Flodesk thoroughly). But since leaving Beta in December 2021. The price of Flodesk is $38 monthly, no matter the size of your list. As your list increases, your Flodesk subscription remains the same compared to other Platforms.

Finally, on Creating Beautiful Landing Pages in Flodesk

Creating beautiful emails and landing pages in Flodesk is such an easy peasy. With the Flodesk landing page, you don’t need to have a website before you start collecting leads as quickly as possible.

Do you want to create a stunning Landing Page in Flodesk right away? Signup to Flodesk now and Start growing your email list right away with Flodesk.

Finally, have you created a landing page in Flodesk? Do let me know and if possible, share your URL with me. I’d love to see your beautiful Flodesk landing pages.

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