Do you have an email list and you want to switch to Flodesk, or you are just starting an email list, and you are trying to compare between using Flodesk or free email marketing software because you are not ready to make any form of investment. Well, we will get down to finding out your need.

After setting up your blog, the next thing any blogger should do will be to start an email list and grow your email list, while growing your blog traffic.

Because, starting and growing your email list will help you to attract raving fans who believe in you, and will be willing to buy from you if you have a passive income sales funnel, products or affiliate products put in place.

An email list is not an option, it is a necessity, and if you want to become a successful blogger, you need an email list because that is the only audience you own.

Every other audience out there, your followers on social media, your blog visitors are not yours.

We will use Instagram as an example; Earlier this year an Instagram influencer I know lost her Instagram account with about 200k Instagram followers.

Instagram removed her account when some other Instagram account reported her for copyright violations, due to a video she posted in 2018, that is about 2- years ago. 

There was no notice! All her years of hard work went down the drain within split-seconds, but that can not happen with your email list, no one is taking it away from you.

Oops! That is it, all her years of hard work gone, imagine she had a blog or has an email list, she would have something to fall back to because no one can close down your 200k email list followers except you. I hope this makes sense why you need to start an email list.

Now, you have agreed to start an email list, but you need an email marketing software.

Maybe you do have an email list built, and you are using Mailchimp free plan, or Mailerlite, or Converkit freemium, you pay heavily with Convertkit paid plans.

This time you want something affordable yet made with small business and bloggers in mind.

Hello Blogprenuer! may I introduce you Flodesk and why you should start an email, or switch from email marketing software to Flodesk.

Well, we will answer these questions.

how to set up Flodesk email marketing

Table of Contents

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is a brand new email marketing platform created with small businesses, bloggers creatives and designers in mind.

It does not only take away the cost of paying more as your list expands, Flodesk has a clean, minimal design layout, helping you create beautiful emails and opt-in forms that speak your brand style within a few minutes.

The fact that Flodesk features were made with bloggers and designers like me in mind for a very affordable price makes it my favourite.

Flodesk maybe the right email marketing software for me but may not be great for you. So, get to know who Flodesk is for and why you should use Flodesk.

Why Choose Flodesk?


Flodesk Pricing:

Flodesk pricing feature is unique and yet to be gotten anywhere. Unlike other email marketing platforms, you pay more as your list grows but with Flodesk, you pay just $38 monthly no matter the size of your list. 

What this means is that with Flodesk pricing system, even when your list grows up to 10,000 subscribers, the cost of running your email list, will not increase. 

Also, you can get Flodesk for half the price forever if you use an affiliate link to signup.

If you signup up to Flodesk using my link, you will automatically get 50% off for life, this means, you will pay only $19 each month for as long as you will use Flodesk.

Okay, you are not sure if you want to leave your free email marketing platform or your paid email marketing platform to Flodesk without testing if its right for your business. What is your question?

Is there a Free Version of Flodesk?

Flodesk has a free plan that allows you to access all of its features for free for 30 days, after which you need to upgrade.

So, maybe you are not sure, and you want to test if this email marketing platform is right for your business, you can go ahead and sign up to Flodesk, no credit card needed.

Why You Should Switch to Flodesk?


1. Sleek and Minimal design in Flodesk:

how to use flodesk emails for wordpress

Have you ever sent an email newsletter and you wish it is prettier?

Flodesk is a game-changer for me when it comes to email marketing, growing my email list and sending beautiful newsletters, or making sign up forms and landing pages using.

Flodesk is for small businesses, blogger and designers. It has sleek and minimal designs that just wow you or anyone who wants something easy and less cluttered. You can easily create a great opt-in form without having to build from scratch.

Flodesk entire interface and features all have this simple goal, easy branding, minimal and feminine design.

It is generally easy to use, this is one of the comments I see each day, “oh Flodesk is super easy to use and setting up anything is less complicated”.

2. Flodesk Premade email sequence and workflow: 

Flodesk is not just super easy to use but makes it easy to serve your audience. If you are a beginner at email marketing, it only takes a few minutes to set up your email sequence and workflow.

It has a series of email sequence that can help you serve your freebie, get in touch and even sales pitch to your audience without breaking a sweat.

Flodesk have email newsletters tagged; #UpMyEmailGame, Share news, Make money, Say thanks, Inspire, Plain text, Start from scratch etc.

Want to know more about Flodesk emails?

I got you, do not worry because we will break each step and sections down soon.

flodesk premade email sequence


i.) Flodesk #UpMyEmailGame  : 

The UP my Game Newsletter 12 email newsletter templates that walks you through setting up an email sequence, from when a subscriber subscribes to your email list and grabbed your freebie, to warming them for sale until they make a purchase and finally a gratitude note to them for sticking around.

When I started Email marketing, I remember opening my MailChimp dash and deep down I was waiting there was a way to understand a lot of things like setting up an email sequence and workflow easily.

This is one of the reasons I feel Flodesk is the new blogger email marketing best friend.

ii. Share news:

Share News Flodesk email Templates, after setting up your first sets of email. These are the emails a subscriber will get for a few days after subscribing to your list. Maybe the subscriber enters your sales funnel through your blog or social media. 

Share news newsletter in flodesk


Also, getting in touch with your subscribers is what you should be doing after your welcome series. It is known as the retention stage of your passive income sales funnel.

It is the stage where you maintain contact with your subscriber and share news like weekly newsletters, blogging resources and any other thing you’d like to communicate with them. Isn’t this awesome?

It’s almost like having a Big sister that tells you what to do per time.

If you want to learn more about setting up a passive income sales funnel with your freebie and make money, this blog post contains everything you need to know about setting up simple passive income sales funnel.

3) Flodesk landing page feature:

Flodesk landing page is straight forward, easy to build and makes sharing your freebie and growing your email list super easy.

With Flodesk landing page, You don’t have to use another page builders or pay extra for creating a landing page to host your freebie.

Flodesk landing page feature


Although I feel this feature can be improved to add more varieties of landing pages just like its newsletter templates, Flodesk is in its beta state and adds new features to create a better user experience.

i) Beautiful Opt-in forms in Flodesk: 

When you signup to Flodesk, you can kiss Goodbye to ugly and boring opt-in forms, because Flodesk has clean and sleek forms and I’m here for it. Lol. Please, don’t blame my hype.

I love clean, minimal and simple designs. When using Flodesk forms, all you have to do is upload your image, change text and viola! Your opt-in form is ready to attract your subscribers.

beautiful flodesk forms


Who is Flodesk for?

I have been able to try a few platforms such as Convertkit, Mailmunch, Mailchimp before settling for Flodesk.

Flodesk is not enhanced yet to carry out so many functions like cross-selling, up-selling, tracking sales as you have in email marketing software like Katra.

It is great for bloggers, virtual assistants, coaches, designers and those who want basic features.

You can integrate Flodesk with other software like Squarespace, Zappier to carry out lots of tasks.

Are you ready to explore the awesomeness of Flodesk?

Let’s get you started and walk you through each stage together because you are in for an experience.

How to Set Up Your Flodesk Account Within a Few Minutes

There is a common saying that, if you want to be successful at blogging, you need an email list of raving fans because that is the only audience you own, no matter the size of your audience on Social media.

You are reading this because you want to grow your list, make a switch from an expensive or less effective email platform, or you are just starting an email list and want to hit the ground running.

Also, to enjoy all that comes with a pro email marketing platform.

Let me walk you through the process of starting and setting up your email marketing game using Flodesk.


1. Sign up to Flodesk- Step Number 1

Sign up to Flodesk using my affiliate link, get 50% off for life, that is instead of spending $38 monthly, you will access Flodesk for life, no matter the size of your list for just $19.

When you open the Flodesk home page, you will see a box that says “try for free”, click on the link to sign up and fill out your email address the password you intend using, after that, you click on the submit button.

2. Confirm your email address – Step number 2

After clicking the submit button, you will get a confirmation email right in your inbox, kindly click on it and get started. 

If you don’t see the email with the confirmation link in your primary inbox, please check your spam or promotion folder.

Note: If you don’t confirm your email address, you cannot proceed with setting up Flodesk to explore the beautiful features of Flodesk.


How to sign up with flodesk email marketing


Now you have signed up to Flodesk, and you will see a clean and uncluttered dashboard for you start working on Immediately, this is one of the things I love about Flodesk, every part of this email marketing software is clean and minimal.

How to Set Up Your Account Features in Flodesk?

Now, you are here, I want you to go straight to your account setting page. At the top right, click on your icon, and a drop-down will pop up.

how to set up your flodesk account

Choose “Account” from here, which will take you to the page where you will set up your account information. Note, this is an important step.

Note: the account Icon differs for every account.

My account has the letter “B” as my icon because my email starts with “B”. Your account icon may have a different icon, based on your name on the email address you will use to sign up.

how to set up your account in flodesk


When you click on the account tab in Flodesk, you will see a list of the following:

i) Account- Account details, password:

This section allows you to edit your email, address and password within a few minutes.

Another Flodesk feature is that you have an option to edit your time zone.

Let’s assume that you are based in Australia and from your google analytics and signups notification, and you realize that most of your readers are from the US. You may want to change your timezone to your subscriber’s zone. 

Changing your time zone to your subscriber’s timezone will enable you to send emails at optimal hours.

how to set up your email, full name and password


ii) Email Setup to and from details:

This setting allows you to insert the sender’s email (the email you will like your subscribers to see) and name here (the name you want your subscriber to see in their inbox, example Ella from Themagicwoman ).


set up  flodesk


iii) Domain setup – Advanced DKIM settings:

The DKIM feature helps you to authenticate your domain in your DNS, and this will increase your deliverability rate. Please read up how to get this together in this Flodesk tutorial. 

Advanced domain setup in flodesk


iv) Brand preferences- Styles, social media, opt-ins Integrations:

In this section, you will set up your brand and make it ready to send stylish, complete emails and forms.


how to setup brand preference in Flodesk


You will need to input a name, website address, colour palettes, your company’s address, connect your email address, social media links.

Pro Tips: In other to collect your subscriber’s email address through your blog or website, you need to protect your blog legally to avoid getting sued, you should have a Privacy policy page in place, terms and conditions.

Setting up your blog legally will help you protect your business from getting sued.

Good news! You don’t need to hire a lawyer to write these pages for you, and you cannot copy from others either.

Amira Irfan, an award-wining lawyer, who is also a blogger have written some done for you legal templates Bundle. Now you can protect yourself and business for an affordable price.

Please note, you are required by law to have a physical address or P. O Box in your email. Kindly fill out the Address section.

If you do not want people to see your home address (unless you have a business address), you can always sign up for a PO Box.

v) Connect to Shopify:

If you a Shopify store, you can connect your Flodesk account directly to your Shopify store with this section of the Flodesk settings.

Connect shopify to Flodesk


v) Flodesk Plan + Billing Setting 

Manage plans and payment: the next section is for setting up your billing and payment plan, you can fill out your Billing information immediately or at the end of your free trial period.


flodesk 38 dollars billing plan



vi) Share Flodesk 💸 Make passive income:

Flodesk has an affiliate program for Flodesk users, and you can have access to it immediately you sign up and start using this feature, no extra signup process or forms to fill. 


Flodesk Affiliate Programme

When you become an affiliate with Flodesk, you will be able to give your referrals a 50% discount for life, and you earn also. That’s a “win-win situation everyone”.

Now we are done setting up our Flodesk account, let’s take a tour around your Flodesk Email Marketing Dashboard and set up your first newsletter, form, email sequence and workflow.


Flodesk has about six opt-in forms features, which includes Pop up Forms, in line with ribbon, inline with image and full-page template landing page.

Opt-in Forms in Flodesk are easy to customize, and you can create beautiful opt-in forms within a few minutes. Below is one of my Flodesk Forms.

PS: There is a walkthrough video at the end of this section on how to create a pop-up form in flodesk.

How to Create an Opt-in Form with Flodesk Forms:

  1. Click on forms tab in your Flodesk dashboard
  2. Choose the type of opt-in form you would love to create and click on customize. 

How to create an optin form in Flodesk


Note; We will create a simple pop up form with our freebie.

3. When you click on customize, you will get a pop to choose the segments (list) you would like to add your subscribers who sign up through this form. If you don’t have any Segment, it will be prompt you to create a segment and click save.

How to create and add form in flodesk

4. Now, we have our form, click on the image layer and upload your image, tap on the text and add your text, change the background colour if you wish. 

5. The popup form input fields by default will collect email address only. To input, the name field, click on empty white space,  “form, field message, ” will come up on the right side, Click on Form and toggle on the first name icon or both.

6. We are done with the design, click the continue forward arrow, and click the boxes to choose the behaviour of your forms. Also, this is basically, how I set my Popup forms in Flodesk;

i) Double Opt-in in Flodesk:

This feature tells your subscribers to confirm their subscription right in their mailbox to receive their freebie or opt-in.

So you have to click on “no, do not require confirmation or yes, do require confirmation”. Mine is set as “YES”.


Double Optin Setup in FLODESK


ii) When should we display this form:

You will have to pick the timing before your pop up form displays and here are the options you will need to choose from: 

Immediately when a visitor lands on your website, 5 seconds after a visitor lands on-site, 10 seconds after a visitor lands, on-site,15-seconds after a visitor lands on your website or when a user scrolls 30% down the page. I love to set it to 30% after a user scrolls down a page.

how to setup timing feature in Flodesk


Cons of Flodesk Popup Forms

One of the things I do not like about Flodesk Pop up forms is that I cannot direct a popup form to a particular page Only.

I love to create content upgrades, and a popup form is also what I use to invite readers into my Sales Funnel using an extra freebie related to what they are reading at that particular time in my blog.

If you are a fan of content upgrades, you can use the inline form to add content upgrades to your pages and blog post.

Lastly, you will need to paste the HTML code snippet in the header section of your Blog and this is prettily easy to do.

PS: If you want to add an inline Flodesk form to your blog, read this walkthrough  Flodesk tutorial and set up your form in minutes.

How to Create and Set Up Flodesk Forms – Video




The audience in the Flodesk features is where you will find your subscribers, where you will be able to import your previous subscribers and tag your list accordingly. 

If you are offering multiple freebies on your blog and website, I recommend that you should use the tag feature to segment your subscribers, this will allow you to understand your audience better.

How to use the Audience Feature in Flodesk:

When you click on the audience feature, you will see two drop-down categories which are subscribers and segments. 

The subscriber feature allows you to view your existing audience altogether and also how many subscribers are in each Segment.


how to set up audience and segment in flodesk email marketing software

Segments in Flodesk: 

The segment feature allows you to create audience list for each freebie, which is otherwise known as tagging.

I use this to create a comprehensive list of my subscribers, and sometimes I send out emails to only some list because I do not want to bug my email list subscribers with what they are not interested in reading or having.

create new segment

Here is an example of how I tag my subscriber’s list in Flodesk;

 FOB Affiliates, passion And Purpose Quiz, Email List For, those Who Abandoned Their Cart, Buyers From FOB, Resource Library, Media Kit, Blogging General, Pinterest Templates Lovers etc.


How to Import your Contacts to Flodesk: 

If you have an email list already in another email service provider like Convertkit, Mailchimp or any other software, you can import your subscribers to Flodesk within a few minutes using these easy steps;

1) Create a segment for the new list you want to import, or you can import to your list if you don’t use tags and Flodesk segment feature to separate your list. We covered how to create segments just above this part.

2) Download your list as a CSV File from your former email service provider

3) Go to your Flodesk dashboard, click on audience > segments (the new Segment that you created) click on add new, you will have two options (Add as an individual and upload CSV), click on upload Csv, and your CSV file will be upload to Flodesk.

Now, you will need to match fields. I “match” the email fields only, and the others come out just fine on its own.

how to upload csv

4) After matching fields, you will get a congratulatory message that also has the number of subscribers you imported.

How to Import Contacts as CSV File in Flodesk- Video



So, we have created and set up your account, we have also made your first form etc. Let’s send your first email and also set up your first freebie email sequence. It’s so simple to do it.

How to Create Your First Email in Flodesk?

Here we are! One of the most exciting things about Flodesk is the sleek and minimal design of their emails.

Flodesk emails are so pretty that you can’t resist reading them. Let’s get your first email done.

Flodesk has well-designed email layout that can help you set up your emails and newsletters like a pro. 

Click on the email tab in your Dashboard, and it will show you some premade email templates, that you can pick from or you can build yours from scratch. Scroll down and click on start from scratch.



Who wants to be stressed when you can start from a well-designed template?

Flodesk Newsletters Templates for Bloggers and Creatives:

Most times, I feel Flodesk is “the blogger’s email marketing friend” because, it takes care of the needs of small businesses and covers for both New bloggers, Advanced and Pro bloggers.

Flodesk email marketing predesigned newsletters include;

1. #UpMyEmailGame Newsletters :

The UPmyEmailGame Newsletter contains 12 email newsletter templates that will walk you through setting up an email sequence. 

From when a subscriber subscribes to your email list and grabs your freebie, to warming them for sale until they make a purchase and finally a gratitude note to them for sticking around. Isn’t that amazing?

When I started Email marketing, I remember opening my Mailchimp dashboard and deep down, I was wishing there was a way to understand a lot of things like setting up an email sequence and workflow.

Simplicity is one of the reasons I feel Flodesk is the new blogger email marketing best friend. The UpMyEmailGame series have premade email series such as;

ii) Freebie Email Design: This is the email you send your subscribers with your freebie once they subscribe to your email list.

i) Welcome email template:

Flodesk email marketing templates

ii) About email sequence

iii) Resources email templates (You can share your favourite resources and products that you are their affiliates, isn’t that awesome?)

iv) Sales Pitching templates etc.

If you are a new blogger, “The up my email Game” Email series will help you get started rightly.

You have heads up on what to send to your subscribers and how to prepare your email sequence when setting up your freebie marketing funnel.

2. Share news Email Templates in Flodesk :

Share News Templates can be used to share news, weekly emails, coupon codes, your best offers and products etc.



3. Make Money Newsletter Designs in Flodesk:

Flodesk did not just stop there, they have templates you can use for Flash sale, a quick sales pitch to your subscribers, these allow you to send coupon codes, promote your affiliate products without spending days and weeks trying to figure out what to send.


share sales templates

4. Say Thanks Newsletter Designs in Flodesk:

Most importantly, saying thanks, showing gratitude to your subscribers for sticking around, for buying from you, for attending your workshops, webinars or signing up to your digital course programmes.

Flodesk makes it to navigate the world of email marketing as a newbie, and this feature makes you move from the stage of trying to figure out to implementing strategies.

5. Inspire Newsletter Designs in Flodesk:

You can constantly share amazing newsletters to your subscribers, inspire, motivate without thinking so much.

All you have to do is use the “Inspire templates” and share your amazing stories and motivation.


flodesk email marketing predesigned newsletters


6. Plain Text Newsletter Designs:

You do not want all those stylish designs, you want to write a very simple email, I get it, that’s alright.

Some persons prefer plain emails too. This template allows you to send plain emails without all the fancy designs.



7. Start from scratch Flodesk Newsletter Designs:

Building your email layers from scratch with the intuitive features of Flodesk is the new bang!

You can design the type of newsletter you want to send out from scratch mixing and using Flodesk 30 super layers.

How to Set Up Your First Email with Flodesk

Determine the type of email you want to send out, and in this case, we want to create an email that will contain your first freebie, that is after your subscriber clicks the confirm button, the next email they will be with your freebie, that is what we will create;

i) Go to the up my email game series

ii) Click on the template called a freebie, or you can go ahead and create yours from scratch, it is that flexible.


flodesk email marketing freebie template


iii) Click on customize, you can upload your images, change colours and fonts, increase the font size, and add title.

iv) Now, you can choose the audience you want to send this email, click on send and it goes immediately. But this when you want to send this email as a regular newsletter.

But we are preparing this particular email as an automated email, so when a subscriber subscribes to your list, they will get this email immediately.

v) All you need to do is “Exit” and it will save email as drafts

iv) You can click on the desktop and mobile device icon to preview how your email will look when a subscriber uses any of these devices to view your email. You can make adjustments where necessary. 

How to Send a Test Email in Flodesk?

Note: You can also send test emails in Flodesk, just click on the paper-like aeroplane icon at the top left corner of the email you are designing and send a test mail to yourself. 

Sending test email is one tool I find super useful. Once I created a Gif that I added to my email when I viewed it, it was working.

But, when I sent a test email, it was displaying because the size I use was incorrect.

Sending test email will help you view your email as a subscriber and make necessary changes.

Quick Tips When Setting Up Your Email With Flodesk;

1) When writing a newsletter in Flodesk, set your font format to regular and avoid using the ” Thin and Light” font formats.

Because, the Thin and Light font format makes the write up in your newsletter look like a shadow and almost non- existent.

2) Always send test emails before you hit the send button. Sending test email in Flodesk will help you view your email as a subscriber and make necessary changes.

How to Set Up Workflow and Automation in Flodesk

The workflow consists of a series of automated emails, instructions and paths you would love your email sequence to follow.

Illustration of simple automated workflow email sequence:

You have an email course on how to start an email list, and this happens to be your freebie idea.

You want your subscribers to get a series of email tutorials for five days, on how to start their email list, what to send to their audience.

In Flodesk workflow, you will set up your opt-in form and also write the emails you want your subscribers to receive each day, and you can connect the opt-in form to your emails, set the time difference between each mail.

The time difference could be for a few hours, some days, or a day.

Types of Premade Workflows in Flodesk

Flodesk currently has four different premade Workflow sequence, and it includes the sales sequence workflow, nurture sequence workflow, lead magnet workflow and welcome workflow. 

These workflow templates are easy to customize and can help set up your automated email series within a few minutes.


flodesk workflow premade sequence in flodesk email marketing

Also, you can create your workflow from scratch if you decide not to use the workflow sequence templates in Fodesk.

One of the cons about Flodesk workflows for is the inability to directly tag a form while creating your email sequence like some other email service where you can do this just by tagging a form.

Let me explain Flodesk Workflow briefly With Example:’

When I tried creating an email sequence for a new Freebie, all I wanted to do is tag the form so anyone who signs up, gets the freebie.

But, Flodesk has a feature that allows you to “tag” the list that you would love to receive that email sequence, instead of the form.

So, let’s assume I have a list of 1000 subscribers and four segments, and I want to create another freebie and want subscribers who sign up to go to one of my Flodesk Segments.

Also, when it is time to make a workflow, I will not be able to send that welcome mail sequence to new subscribers without my already existing subscriber receiving them.

Put together, it means for every email sequence I want to attach to a new freebie.

I will have to create a segment for that freebie. Inability to directly tag a form is one feature I’m hoping Flodesk fixes asap.

Although this feature doesn’t have any effect, I prefer direct form tagging. Now, you can go right ahead, create a new segment for your freebie.

one advantage of this feature is that it helps you keep a highly organized email list and can help decide how to manage your list better.

How to Set up Your Flodesk Email Marketing Workflow and Email Sequence for your Freebie

Prerequisites for Setting Up a Lead Magnet Workflow

  1. First, create a segment in Flodesk for this freebie. We covered that in this blog post already.
  2. Create and publish your opt-in Form, and after you select the Form you want, you will need to choose or create a segment, click and select the Segment you created in step one. 
  3. Go ahead and create your emails, remember we are creating a freebie which is ” a five days list growth course”. So, we will assume we have written five (5) emails for each day. 

We have all things ready, lets create our first freebie workflow in Flodesk with these simple steps below.

Steps for Setting Up a Lead Magnet Workflow in Flodesk

1. Click on the workflow tab in your Flodesk Dashboard and click on Create new.

2. Select any of the templates that suits you or you can build from scratch if you know your way around setting up an email sequence. But for this purpose, we will click on the “lead magnet delivery workflow“.

3. After choosing the lead magnet delivery workflow in Flodesk, you need to click on “customize”. Now, we can customize our workflow for your new lead magnet.

workflow and automation in flodek in email marketing

4. The next thing to do is click on add a trigger and select the “Segment” you created for this freebie.

Note, you can add more than one segments to this trigger. When you add your Segments to this trigger, it means, whenever anyone joins this list, they will automatically start receiving emails from this workflow unless they unsubscribe.

After adding the trigger, Flodesk will automatically place any email you have, whether saved or unsaved, please click on the “x” symbol to remove it.

6. Now, click on add email and you will get two options, the first is for you to duplicate an already existing email or create a new email.

NOTE: We already created five (5) emails, so, we will connect these emails to this workflow. 

6. Click on “duplicate email”, it will take you to your drafted email, pick the first email.

6. After adding your first email, click on the “plus” symbol and you will see a list of buttons.

6. Click on time delay and choose the time difference before your subscriber gets the second email. Ideally, the time difference between the first and second email will be between 18- 24 hours.

7. Repeat this process until the final email.

8. You can click on Publish. Congratulations, you did it.

How to Check Your Email Analytics in Flodesk: 

After sending your first email, you want to check your analytics maybe after a few hours later. Here is a little heads up.

When I started moving my subscribers from Mailchimp to Flodesk, I did a test run.

I imported just a little percentage of one freebie list which was about 37, and I sent a flash email to 49 Subscribers, and that email received an open rate of 37.7%, a click-through rate of 8.2% and I equally made sales.

There is a common perception that when you switch your email marketing software, your email opening rates will drop, but for me, it increased, and my click-through rate has been great.

Also, If you are writing emails that no one is clicking, I would suggest you take a course on Email Marketing and learn how to use FOMO properly.

FOMO helps to increase click-through rates, and you need to understand how to write genuinely and allow your readers to connect with you.

Steps to Check your Flodesk Email Analytics: 

When you open your Flodesk dashboard, the first things you see are all your emails, both drafts, sent and unsent emails.

But we are looking at the analytics of your sent emails.


You can View The Analytics of a Specific Email in Two Ways

You can get a quick picture of how it performed by clicking on the bar chart symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the email in your Flodesk dashboard.

Another way to view your email analytics, you can hover your cursor in the middle of the email without clicking, and you will see the “View Results” button.

Click on that but, this will give you a more comprehensive report of how your email to check email analytics in flodek email marketing software

How to see analytics and data for each subscriber in Flodesk

Go to the audience tab, click on the list or segment, click on a subscriber’s name or email address and it will pull up all information you need.

Other Awesome Flodesk Email Marketing Features

1. Double Opt-ins:

Flodesk also has the double opt-in feature which allows you, subscribers, to confirm in their sign up in their inbox before will be added to your list.

This process will happen within a few seconds, once the subscriber hits the sign up button in your opt-in form.

Well, you don’t need to be scared that this will cause you to lose subscribers, because only those who genuinely want to hear from you will confirm their email address.

This feature helps you to reduce spam email address in your list.

2. Resend Unopens:

Flodesk allows you to resend unopened emails to your subscribers, 24 hours after sending your first email.

Resending unopened emails is super useful when running a sales email campaign, or you are promoting your products, or you have an important announcement that you do not want your subscribers to miss.

3. Check Each Subscriber’s Journey in Flodesk:

In Flodesk, you can check how each subscriber in your email list interacts with your emails, from when a subscriber signs up to your email list to the last email you send to them.

Checking a subscriber’s journey is an important feature when cleaning your list. I use this a lot to remove subscribers who are not interested in my newsletter or products.


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Conclusion on starting an email list with Flodesk Email Marketing Software

Before you start your email list with Flodesk or any other service provider, you need to set up the legal aspect of your blog to avoid getting sued or getting into any legal trouble.

Kindly set up your privacy policy, Disclaimers and blog Terms and Condition. You do not have to be a lawyer, and neither do you need to invest so much money in hiring an attorney.

Amira Irfan, who doubles as a lawyer and a blogger have premade legal bundles that can help you fix the legal aspects of your blog.

Over 2000 bloggers and online business owner use her Legal Templates to protect their businesses.

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If you have any questions, concerns, please leave them in the comments section, and I will gladly answer.

However, if you signup to Flodesk after hearing it from me, do let me know.

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