You want to learn how to create a free resource library in Wordpress? This post will show why and how to create a free resource library and a video to help you connect your resource library to an opt-in form

Have you ever opened a blog or any website and you see a page that is password protected. Some times it is called a resource library or a page with their freebies attached? Maybe you have been wondering what a free resource library is all about and you have been trying to get one on your Blog or website.

This post will walk you through the importance of creating a resource library and a video to help you connect your resource library to an opt-in form

What is a resource library:

A resource library is a page on your Blog or website that contains a collection of content upgrades downloadable such as courses, cheat cheats, workbooks, templates, tools for carrying out certain actions with relations to your niche. E.g as a blogger who educates other Bloggers tool on my page maybe those “Blogging tools” that can be of great help to other Bloggers. You can view my resource library here

This resource library may be free or people may make payments to access it. Depends solely on your goal. Though I have never come across a paid resource library used as an option.

In order to use this page as an option, it needs to have a password which means people need to put in their mail address into your lead magnet and have the Password delivered to their mailbox.

First,  before I walk you through the importance of having an email list

What is an Email List?

An email list is a list of your subscribers or readers who subscribed to your blog through your email opt-in. It is like your own community,  your own social media where you control what happens in there.

Before anyone will put in their email to you, it means they have developed some levels of trust for your brand may be due to the content they have read and they are hoping to get more valuables when they gain access to that particular opt-in you are offering.

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Importance of having an Email list:

You give the rules about what happens from when you get the mail address. No algorithm:

Statistics show that email marketing has a high conversion rate of 40%. Example, you have a list of 1000 followers both on social media and your email list and you pitch a product to both groups.

The chances of those in your email list to buy into that product are higher than that of a social media platform.

why Email Have Higher Chances of Opening Rate and Engagement Than Social Media?

  1. Due to algorithm only a few percentages of the 1000 persons following you on social media will see your post.
  2. Some persons follow you on social media for different. Some may not be interested in your brand. They are just there as monitoring demons or probably love your style but cannot relate with your brand outside social media.
  3. With an email list, you have people ready to read your contents once it drops. This is like an ‘assurance’ on your traffic level. An email list is your sure bet.

Importance of having a resource library as an email opt-in

  • You will be able to have all your content upgrades attached to a different post on your Blog in one place which will make it easier for your readers to have access to all your valuables.
  • This will boost the credibility of your brand
  • You can make sales out of your list which means more money into your account: You may be asking how possible is this.

E.g You have a free product you are putting up for sale. You also have a list of 1000 persons. Let’s say your product is an e-course valued for 300 dollars and you pitch it to your list. Over 20% will buy into your product at least. Do you get it?

Tools Needed to Create a Free Resource Library in WordPress for Free.

A page on your blog or website: It could be landing page or just a normal page on your Blog

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A mail Optin form: I use Sumo and Mailchimp currently to create opt-in forms and maybe I will move to convert kit sooner than I expected. But Sumo does the magic for me and with sumo, I could which page I want this pop-up or mat to come on specifically. It has a free and a paid version.

A cloud storage space: I am not a fan of uploading files directly on your Blog. It has a way of making the blog become slow and I am sure you do not want that to happen to your Blog. When a blog becomes slow, it has a way of scaring Blog readers away.

Cloud Storages I use

  1. Google Drive: I use Google drive to store my content upgrades away from my website for free.
    Other storage tools include:

2. Evernote

3. Dropbox

4. One note etc.

Bitly: I Bitly it to shorten my URL and also keep track of my incentive because it shows how many people clicked on that particular URL and which incentive got the most downloads.

Canva: I use Canva basically for so many things but in this context, I use Canva to design my content upgrades such as PF fillable forms, Worksheet, e-books and I also use it to design the cover which shows on the blog before adding the URL to it. How I do all these is the video below.

PS: I have seen most tutorials on how to create a free resource library in WordPress. Almost everyone walks you through the process of creating a page and abandons you at the point where you need to connect that page with a password to your mail opt-in form.

But relax, I have a  walkthrough tutorial below. It took me a lot to come up with this because I had to take my time to try this out……


Video: How to create and connect your resource library as an email opt-in in WordPress

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Do you have a free resource library set up on your blog or site? Has it affected your email list in any way?

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Jenny October 2, 2019
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I have a resource library that I rather new.  These are great tips for me, however, and I am heading over there to tweak it some.  It was fun to create and I think it looks great, but you’ve inspired me to improve on it.  Plus, market more for my email list.