Every blogger has their own blogging lessons and story to tell. blogging has taught me so many silent lessons which I may have taken extra years to learn if I wasn’t a blogger, I may not have learnt them by now.  Blogging is now an essential part of me and I really don’t want to imagine my life without my blog.
  1. Passion

Blogging has taught me that passion is one of the vital keys to thrive in any industry you find yourself. Due to the mindset, people have about “Hanti Linda” leading the way, making millions of naira from blogging.

Many have the mindset that once you open a blog it begins to pay immediately. Along the line, they realize that they are of the wrong mindset they back off immediately or get tired cus the dollar bills ain’t anywhere close. Passion leads the way in business.

      2. Go For Knowledge, Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power. Blogging is not a static industry, every day it evolves. There are certain strategies you may use to promote your Blog in 2014 that may not really be applicable in 2019.

So, for you to grow your Blog into a profitable business, you should be ready to read books, search resource libraries, be willing to sign up to premium courses of those Bloggers who are a bit ahead in your niche.

Between 2015 and 2018, I realized recently there was a whole lot I would have done with this Blog if I had access to certain information that I have access to today. Ignorance is not a ground for failure, so Girl, you’ve got to level up.

       3. Set Goals That Scares You and Do the ‘Epic Shit’

Crushing down big goals should be one of the adventures you will love to participate in. Nelson Mandela stated that “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.
When I started working on a digital product the first thing that tried to scare me ” Will people accept my product” I became my own racist but I remember whatever scares me is what I should crush with a positive result. So my question for you is, do you face impostor syndrome?  
The impostor syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behaviour where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.
Sometimes you ask yourself maybe my e-course shouldn’t be as high as the amount I have set out for it because people may not appreciate it and call it too pricy or you tell yourself you can’t have a breakthrough in your industry because you are not enough.
Every effort you make in creating something you will love to call yours is being by you with the feeling you are not enough. Girl, You are Enough and this whole universe can never be complete without you. The Universe needs you to unleash your creativity. That’s why it is called a “You-niverse”.

      4.  Be  Consistent and a ‘Badass’ Planner

Blogging has taught me how to plan my year, my post and the direction I want my business. So, I learned to plan, not just plan, I plan and execute these things.

I have learnt the need to do it now than later which I am still trying to make it a part of my day to day lifestyle. Reduce your procrastination to 0.000%

Blogging has taught me consistency in anything you do pays like “Jackpot”. When you are consistent with what you do, even though there are little returns being consistent shows that you are ready.

As a blogger, especially if you are a fresh blogger at some point you may get discouraged as you see just 50-100 views as total traffic for a day.

If you are consistent, your readers take you seriously and if you play your card well by improving it will surely yield results.

      5. Create value, improve and continuous development

The value you create determines your pay-check. Most new bloggers aim to earn but have never plan to create value.No one will give you money for a job you cannot deliver. You need to build your traffic, social media audience and followership.

Even Google won’t give you Adsense as soon as you signup to blogger, they need to see your commitment before giving it to you. So create value.

For you to earn as a blogger, you need to create, no one will give you cash for a service they know you can’t render. Many just want to earn but as a blogger, you need to create value before you earn a dime.

I am one of those who started blogging with little or no knowledge about blogging. If there was anything below novice and amateur just send me there.

lol, but with time I discovered the need to develop and my blog has grown drastically. So in blogging, never settle at the level where you are, always improve.

Read about the latest on how to make your blog better and follow the trend, check on what’s new and improve your blog. If you are a very qualitative blogger, you will know SEO rules changes almost every month.

      6. Girl, you are The Bag of Wealth, Be creative, a smart thinker and Level Up

Blogging has opened my eyes to all I can be and more that I couldn’t realize all these years. When I started Blogging, I never understood that I could fulfil life’s purpose with this little space of mine on the internet. 

I realized I really do not need to go around chasing the bag ‘Money” that I am the Bag filled with potential and all I need to do is to Unleash the creativity in me and Girl, I levelled Up.

       7. Always be Thankful and Avoid Unhealthily Competitions

Blogging has taught me the need to appreciate those who support my dreams. As a blogger, I am ever grateful to every member of this community (FOBers).

Those who share my content, follow me on social media pages and those who will purchase my course (Blog For Purpose) which covers Branding as a person, a business, finding your Blogging voice and strategies on becoming a Badass Blogger.

It’s good to step up your game and in other to do that you will need to move ahead of your competitors but avoid excessive comparison, it may lead to discouragement. 

Many Bloggers, engage in the game of numbers and find themselves lost in the ‘Rat Race’. Be yourself and allow your personality to show through your work.

How many years have you been Blogging and what are your many lessons so far?

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