Every Blogger has his or her own story to share but if you ask them what they want right now, many will say they want traffic, they want to make money from their Blog. Some will say ‘Oh I want to sell my products” and the long endless list continuous. I have a question for you right away, what is your biggest challenge right now?

Take a moment and drop the answer to that question in the comment section before exiting the post.
But in all of these, you will list below as your need and biggest challenges.

Do you know sometimes, the answers to those questions lie underneath your nose but you really haven’t looked or thought about it carefully.

Think about all the awesome things you will achieve or do if only you have access to the right knowledge. What you will achieve if you develop the right sets of habits.

Check out the habits every blogger can cultivate to transform your Blog and smash that challenge:

Write quality contents

Many Bloggers focus on making money but forget the basis for blogging ‘readers satisfaction and ability to connect with your audience’.

You complain about not having loyal readers, about not gaining the right attention you need from your audience but have you given them a reason to stick with you?

Important Questions for you

  • Why will they choose your Blog over others?
  • Have you built trust over time?
  • Will they have a reason to come back after stumbling on your blog somewhere?
  • Does your content meet their needs or solve a problem?
  • Is your content solving your reader’s Problem?

People come to Blogs for different reasons depending on your Niche. Some come for entertainment, to learn how to do certain DIY, get travel inspirations, find the next travel location.

Some come to learn the newest awesome recipe and the list goes on. Do your content meet any of these needs your propose readers may be having.

I started blogging without a niche. It was a random niche blog where I dumped whatever I felt like dumping. I knew little or nothing about blogging, all I did was copy and paste.
I remember copying both the website’s name during one of my copy-cat espionage. Those moments still crack me up.

Along the line, I wrote down a list of all my blog challenges I felt I was going through at that moment and I realized that the challenges weren’t the problem. The problem was that I haven’t developed the right habits as Bloggers.

I started writing and I practised every day. I want to be sincere to you if you are reading this blog post right. It is an upgraded blog post after I had worked on myself for months and I felt the content on the Blog did not meet the standard and brand I am currently building.

You must not have a degree in writing, keep a notepad and put down your ideas, build it up, put it down and forget about your inability to construct a good blog post without errors.

Those errors can be fixed by using grammar or other editing software, I use Grammarly and there is a free package which serves great purposes.

Read and comment Other Good Blogs

Dear ‘experts’ how often do you read and comment on other blogs? Many bloggers tend to overlook this. How will you know the trends in your industry if you do not read blogs in the same niche as yours?

Blogging evolves every day and to be at the top of your game, you need to know what trend is ongoing and how it is been done. You do not get this by being an island of yours.

If you admire certain persons in your niche. One of the ways to easily get collaborations from them is by reading, commenting and sharing their blog post.

I was lacking seriously in SEO (This is an issue I really don’t want to address now because it is hilarious) but then I admired growth, so I had this friend, Gift Collins that also blogs and her traffic is so nice, her blog shows class.

I started reading her contents, I got to learn the Importance of SEO and what it really meant. The answer to the question you have been looking for the answer or that challenge that seem to have no authentic solution maybe lying on the next blog for free.

I admired  Esther Adeniyi, and I will always check out her latest post. One of those days, while reading her Blog, I found a link where she cited Melyssa Griffin and that was the turning point for me.

Discovering Melyssa Griffin via Esther’s Blog took my knowledge about Blogging to the next level.
I began following Neil Patel. Just reading other blogs alone has helped me a lot and I have learnt a lot from them and improved my blog greatly.

Marry  Pinterest and Befriend Google

When was the last time you visited Pinterest just for gathering resources? There are lots of free resources lying around Pinterest which can be beneficial to your Brand. But the question is, do you ever feel a need to gather resources, new knowledge jus for growth purposes?

Myths about Pinterest

Myth number 1: Pinterest is a social media and I am too busy with others to face it
Myth number 2: I can’t get my head around that complicated place.

Well, unfortunately, those myths are wrong. Pinterest is a social media, easy to navigate and for a fact you can make crazy sales and traffic via Pinterest.

As a blogger, you should make google your friend because learning never ends and if you must Blog, blog as a banging professional brand.

Pay Great Attention To Your SEO

Is your site SEO ready and friendly?. If you use WordPress installing or setting up SEO for your blog is quite easy but for those bloggers, whose blog is on the Blogger platform.

There is a little tweak that comes with it. When I was using the Blogger platform I got some codes which worked just like Yoast and I added it to the back end of my Blog.

All you need to do is search on google ” Yoast code for Blogger platform” copy and paste it into the HTML  section on my theme.

Learn how to fully optimize your blog for searching engines, which is called SEO.

SEO means search engine optimization. Many Bloggers know little or nothing about SEO, especially those who came with the ‘As soon as you start blogging you will become rich mentality’.

Those who believe blogging is about writing or copy and pasting. You need to pay great attention to your Blog. We have On page and Off-page SEO. You could do a research on how to go about it or read here on Esther’s Blog.

Tools for SEO

I use tools like SEMRUSH, SEMALT, Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer, Quicksprout to analyze my SEO.
I also set up my Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console, Yandex, these help different search engines to bring up my blog post when people search for things on the web. I do a lot of research on Off-page and On-page SEO.

Share Your Blog Post

When I started, I didn’t want to bug others, so I wasn’t sharing my blog post, that was horrible and naive.

Dear Blogger, if you do not have a mail with incentive, start right away. I have learned to share my post as much as I can. Engage in conversations on different forums such as Nairaland, Quora, Medium, Twitter hangouts.

Those places where your audience and even potential customers are hanging out such as Facebook Groups.

I also leave comments on other blogs with higher traffic, embedding my blog URL in my comments, this drives a lot of traffic to my Blog.

What is your major Blogging challenge right now?  What habit you think if developed can solve that problem? Let me know in the comment section.