Blogging evolves each day, for you to succeed as a Blogger, you need to have your focus clearly defined and this is where the issue of Niche picking comes to play. The importance of having a clearly defined blog niche if put down comes with an endless list.

Maybe you are new to Blogging and you feel confused about what Niche you will want to narrow your blog down to. I won’t be diving deeply into what a niche is all about, how you can pick a niche for your blog that will be profitable. Since I have already treated all of that and more in my FREE EBOOK which you can Download Here.
What are the things you should consider while deciding your Blog Niche?

A niche is a particular topic or area you want to write on.  We have two types of Niches and different kinds of niches which includes Some niches include DIY, Finance, Mental Health, Fashion, Decorations, gossip, lifestyle, photography, Food, etc.

About the differences between the types of Niches and relevance. I have treated that carefully in FREE my EBook, so Download it Here

But, niches can be combined. It’s actually very important you choose a niche. This is one of the things I wish I knew when I started blogging.

Today, I will share 3-tips on what you need to consider before starting a blog.

What will you find convenient to talk about

The first step is to find out what is convenient for you? what is that one thing you are passionate about and you can’t keep shut about it for a minute?

Finding out what you are passionate about should form the basis of the choice you will make.  If you do not go for what you are passionate about, you will get bored easily and may never be able to create a connection between you and your re

Do you love travelling and talking about it or you are good at lifestyle? This serves as a building block to your blogging journey.

How Willing are you to go for Knowledge?

Ignorance is not an excuse or a ground for failure. You must not be an expert or professional to start a Blog but, it is important you have some levels of knowledge about what you want to do. You need to take your time and research on your chosen niche, in case you haven’t found a Niche yet, do not freak out, a little research will not hurt.

As a Blogger, for you to be successful, you must continuously choose knowledge over mediocrity. With tons of free resources “Flying” around the internet, you should be able to get the basis for kick-starting a blog.

When I started Blogging, I knew little or nothing about what I was delving into and I never realized that there is a whole lot I could do with my Blog. This cost me two years of misplaced priority. So, if you thinking of starting a blog. I will advise, you ask yourself these questions before starting.

What is a blog?
Why do I want to blog?
How will I manage the blog?
What is a niche?
Who are those doing well in the niche I have chosen?
What are my goals?
If I start blogging today, where do I see myself in 3 to 5-years time?
Who is my potential audience?
If you can answer these questions conveniently, you are on the right path in setting your Blog goals and plans but if you can’t answer that, try to do a little research and you can Grab my E-Book which has a step-by-step process in picking out that perfect niche.


Well defined blog goals form the basis of turning your Blog into a business. It determines what your brand will stand for. The ‘design’ of your blog, your niche, how you create your content, it makes you focused because you know what you want.

How creative am I?

The basics of every good blog are good and quality content. The kind of contents you put out there is a function of the Kind of niche you have chosen.

PS: Niche Formula is  = Your Passion + Your Skill.
You want to read more on Habits you need to cultivate to guide you through your Blogging Journey, this will be valuable to you;
PS: Have you been able to find your niche?  What are your struggles during this process?
Have you been blogging and feel unfilled or disconnected to your Blog and audience?
Well, let’s chat about it in the comment section.
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