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  • 23 Best Boho Fonts on Canva for Stunning & Jaw-Dropping Designs

    Become a freelance Canva designer

    Are looking for the best boho fonts on Canva to spice up your next design? Perhaps, you are tired of using the same old boring fonts in your Canva designs? Let’s backtrack; Have ever scrolled through Instagram or any other platform, and a design catches your attention, not because of the colors but the Fonts on the […]

  • 35 Best Elegant Aesthetic fonts on Canva for Eye-Catchy Designs

    Best elegant aesthetic fonts on Canva

    What are some aesthetic fonts on Canva? And how do I find a list of free aesthetic Canva fonts, so I can create jaw-dropping designs? Maybe these questions are running through your mind as you scroll through Canva, looking for the best aesthetic fonts for your next design. You can spend hours of your valuable time […]

  • How to Setup and Use Canva Brand Kit: An Easy Beginners Guide

    how to setup your Canva Brand kit - a beginners guide-min

    Do you search and manually input your logos, fonts, and brand Colour pallets into Canva whenever you want to create a design in Canva? Simply because you don’t have a Canva brand kit setup. And because your brand kit is not readily available in Canva, you create designs with inconsistent branding. If you are struggling […]

  • 50+ Best Cursive and Script Font on Canva for Eye-Catchy Designs

    Best Cursive fonts on canva

    Does searching for the best cursive fonts on Canva feel unnerving? I understand that feeling!  Because it’s really tiring searching for fonts, design elements, and templates in the Canva library filled with millions of templates, design elements, and assortments of Canva fonts.  And selecting your brand fonts, fonts for logo, and social media graphics is essential for you […]

  • How to Create Stunning Ebook in Canva (+Free Canva Templates)


    People create ebooks for so many reasons, and why anyone, including you, will want to learn how to create an ebook in Canva, Microsoft Word, Google Docs or any other application. The common reason why anyone will want to create an ebook is to make money (I mean passive income), either as a blogger, marketer, […]

  • Canva Guide: 50+ Ultimate Canva Tips and Tricks for 2022


    Do you know half of Canva features or some crazy Canva tips and tricks that can help you create beautiful, strategic designs for your business 2x faster? But, you can end up wasting your precious time trying to create a design on Canva, if you don’t know simple shortcuts, Canva tips and tricks for creating […]

  • How to Add a Clickable Hyperlink in Canva (Easy steps)

    clickable hyperlink in canva

    Have you ever opened a PDF document such as an ebook, workbook or guide, and you can click on the links in the document? Well, that’s a Hyperlink. Wouldn’t it be cool to add a hyperlink in Canva to your PDF pages and make them interactive? Hyperlinks or clickable links in your PDF can serve […]

  • How to Remove Image Background in Canva In 2 Minutes (No Photoshop)


    The Canva Background Remover or Canva remove background tool, whatever you choose to call it, will help you create scroll stopping graphics. This tool is handy when creating designs for social media, gift guides, product mockup images, posters, and image collages. The list is endless! Uhhhhhhm! Do you get the idea of the big picture […]