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Client Welcome Kit Canva template for service providers – Perfect for Virtual assistants, designers, copywriters, photographers, etc., to create a great client welcome guide and seamless client onboarding processes. Contains assortments of editable pages, mood boards, sections, invoices and contracts etc.


Do you go back and forth with your client trying to explain what’s included in your service package, or your client wants more reviews for free? Or you are having a disagreement over the remaining, the right channel for communication, project deadline etc.

Maybe you are wishing you have a handy digital welcome packet to present to your client and take away the frustrations. So you can create a seamless client onboarding process for your business.

What you need is an editable client welcome packet template. It doesn’t matter if you have a contract signed with your client. A handy digital welcome packet PDF will save you a lot of frustrations.

If you want to improve your client onboarding process – Our 70+ editable Client welcome packet template Canva is for you.


What you can achieve with this new client welcome packet template;

  • ✅ Properly Welcome your clients and introduce your team
  • ✅ Free your client from Buyer’s Guilt and assure them of your service
  • ✅ Manage client’s expectations, set boundaries and Timelines
  • ✅ Walk Your clients through project stages one by one
  • ✅ Share questionnaires, and surveys to learn more about their business and needs
  • ✅ Clearly state your terms and reviews policies
  • ✅ EXCLUSIVE: Client contracts and Invoice pages



  • reusable welcome kit templates for multiple clients
  • all pages are quick and super easy to edit
  • can share as a digital client welcome packet 
  • You and your clients can print them
  • fully customizable text, fonts, colours and image layouts
  • free fonts used for personal and commercial use
  • Guides and tutorials on editing CANVA TEMPLATES
  • Comes in A4 and Us Letter Sizes

This client Welcome Packet Template Canva includes;

74 Editable mix and match Canva Templates;


  • 3 Cover Pages
  • 4 Tables of Contents
  • 3 Welcome + Brand Profile and History pages
  • 4 About Me & Team Intro pages


  • 5 Chapter/Section divider
  • 4 Project Process & Milestones Pages
  • 3 Project Timeline & Roadmap pages
  • 5 Project pricing pages
  • 4 Project deliverable pages
  • 2 Resource, Tools and Guide Pages
  • 3 Revision Policies, Terms and Condition pages
  • 2 Invoice and payment guides


  • 7 Case studies pages
  • 2 Client testimonial pages
  • 3 Mood Board Pages
  • 3 Quote pages


  • I contact page
  • 5 Client Surveys and questionnaire pages
  • 4 Client Homework pages
  • 4 Frequently asked questions
  • 3 Contract Agreement
  • 2 What’s Next pages

*PS: Images and placeholder mockups are not included due to copyright and licensing. 


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