As a blogger, I have had people tell me what type of gifts can will I get for you, or what are the best blogging gifts for a blogger?

Bloggers need so many things, especially when one is just starting. They need support, understanding and time from you before physical gifts.

For a new blogger, he or she may be feeling overwhelmed with the task of running her blog, growing her traffic, organising her daily assignments, building an audience and a whole lot of different things.

The best gifts you can give to a blogger is a gift that takes away part of their frustrations and helps them get relieved.

However, this blogging gifts guide is not just for beginner bloggers but for a blogger in any stage because all bloggers need these blogging gifts listed here.

So, I did a survey and here are some best blogging gifts any blogger will be grateful you got for them.

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The Best Practical Blogging Gifts Ideas For a Blogger


1.  Blog Hosting Plan as Blogging Gift

Every blogger who’s blogging aim is to make money or have the desire to start a money-making blog needs a hosting plan.

If you want to support your friend or family member who wants to start a blog, a hosting plan will be one of the best gifts.

Because it will help her to build a professional blog that can make money from the first month.

For hosting, I recommend Lyrical host (Use this coupon code faithola10 to get 10% off), they are very affordable, and prices do not change each year compared to other hosting companies that start the first year with low pricing, and on the second year, their prices jump by 200 to 300%. 

Remember you want to support your friend hence reducing the expenses of running their blog.

Also, Lyrical host offers full support services, theme installation and they handle the technical part of it all.

A hosting plan is one gift a blogger will be grateful to have. Lyrical host offers affordable hosting plans that come with less frustration.

However, if your friend is already running a self-hosted blog (that has a hosting plan), you can ask if it is up for renewal, you can step in for them.

2. Gift the Beginner Blogger a Minimal Website or Blog  Theme:

A blog theme as a gift to a new blogger will not just be a gift, but it will also come a way of supporting their dreams. 

Because, for a blogger who may not know how to code or design her website, a blog theme will help create a professional-looking website in a few minutes without building from scratch.

You can gift a blogger who is good with creating and designing her website a WordPress theme like Astra pro. Astra is one of the WordPress recommended website themes.

It is lightweight and optimized for SEO. Astra comes with collections of starter templates that are easily customizable.

Where Can You Find Stunning WordPress Themes for Bloggers?

i. 17th Avenue themes for the Chic Blogger

ii. Sugar and Code Themes

Sugar and Code have beautiful and stylish WordPress Themes for Bloggers and Service based entrepreneurs. 

They are built with the Genesis Framework, which is recommended by WordPress and are great for SEO. 

iii. Bluchic Themes for Service-Based Entrepreneurs:

Bluchic also has great sets of Feminine WordPress theme that are great for service-based entrepreneurs. 

 Is your friend a service-based entrepreneur? If you are looking for gift ideas for a blogger or an online entrepreneur who offers services such as Virtual Assistant, Coaching etc.

 A premade website theme will be the perfect gift. I recommend Bluchic themes, and they work perfectly with Free Elementor Page Builder.

3. Gift a Blogger the Priceless Gift of Blogging education

One of the best gifts you can gift a blogger is an access to the right information and education.

There is a common saying that ” Knowledge is power”.

The right type of blogging knowledge as a gift will help a newbie go from zero blog traffic and income to making their first $ 1k in a month.

i. Best SEO Courses and Books You can Gift to a Blogger.

One of the frustrations of new bloggers, or so many bloggers is getting their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right, and most times, bloggers ignore their SEO.

That was one of my biggest blogging mistakes, and I’m yet to forgive myself for ignoring my SEO until this year when I consciously started working on my blog’s SEO.

Imagine if someone had gifted me a great SEO course, I would have done better.

However, below are some of my favourite Blogging Courses and books, helping me fix my SEO, and can help both New and Pro Bloggers Grow Faster.

a. Easy On-Page and Easy Backlink Seo by Debbie Gartner:

Debbie Gartner’s drives 500, 000 views organically from Search engine with monthly blog income of $40000 and above.

Debbie’s SEO books are hands down one of my favourite SEO courses out there. 

The Easy On-Page SEO book teaches how to fix your blog post and how to write a blog post that will rank faster on Google.

While the Easy Backlink SEO book will help you gain Backlink and build website authority.

Debbie is so straight forward in her books, and this is one of my best blogging education books investments in 2020.

You will save more if you buy the books as a Bundle. You can grab the Easy On page and Off Page Bundle and get the discounts.


Another SEO course that you can gift to any blogger is EB’s SEO Jumpstart Course. This course teaches you how to set up your Blog SEO, starting from your on-page to off-page SEO, how to use Yoast properly, keywords research and format your entire site structure for SEO.

Eb drives over 100,000 sessions from Google. One of the things I love about this Eb’s SEO course is that the strategies are easy to implement and straight forward.

Before taking Eb’s SEO Jumpstart course, I never knew where I was lacking, and that SEO is beyond writing a good blog post until I invested in SEO Jumpstart.

The SEO courses and books will help any blogger drive organic traffic from Google, which is by far the best form of traffic. More traffic means more money!

ii. PInterest Marketing Course and Guide:

Pinterest is one of the ways new Bloggers can drive tons of traffic to their blog faster when compared Google search traffic from SEO.

Although Google search traffic takes time to see any result, Pinterest traffic will help you grow your email list, make money with affiliate marketing and even sale your products.

While fixing my blog SEO, most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Pinterest also helps me sale my Canva Templates and leads to continuous email list growth.

I have been able to achieve this with strategies from this Course, Pinterest With Ell. You can buy this course as a gift to a blogger and make one of the best impacts in their blogging career.

iii. The She Approach Affiliate Marketing Bundle:

One of the fastest ways Bloggers can make their first $1k is through affiliate marketing and if done rightly.

This Affiliate marketing course is one of the best blogging gifts, as Ana shares her no-bluff strategies for making passive income with affiliate marketing.

4. Help a Blogger Turn Their Blog into a Business with a Blog Business Plan as a Gift:

A blog business plan can serve as a form of accountability and well-written ideas that can help a blogger scale their blog.

Because, It is so easy for new bloggers to treat their blog as a diary or a mini journal, where they dumb all ideas and that I think, this is one of the easiest ways to fail as a Blogger.

A blog business plan as a gift, can help a blogger become accountable, and turn their blog into an organised business. My favourite blog business plan is this blog business plan and workbook from Stray Curls.

5. Stock Photos as Blogging Gifts:

Stock photos will help any blogger build a cohesive brand that looks very professional, attractive and clean.

Especially for female online entrepreneurs, stock photos helps to build minimal looking intentional brand.

Below is a list of stock photo sites that have great and beautiful stock photos;

a. Moyo Studios

b. Deposit stock

c. Pixi Stock

d. Styled Stock Society

e. Canva Pro Stock photos

6. Stationary as Gift for a Blogger:

Stationaries is one of the best and affordable gifts you can give to a blogger is stationaries and planners.

Because bloggers love to scribble and write on paper, and I love to plan, scribble and put down my thoughts in my planners and book.

stationary as blogging gifts

But I wanted something stylish and feminine, and I found Leaders in heels. They have super affordable and beautiful planners, stationery, and also offer free shipping worldwide when your order is up to $90 and above.

7. Beautiful Canva Templates as Blogging Gifts:

Premade Canva templates as a gift will help any blogger stay product and save lots of time.

Canva templates such as social media templates for promoting their blog and business, Lead magnet templates for growing their email list, Ebook and Workbook templates for making their digital products and earn passive income.

In this blog Canva template shop, you can find super beautiful and well designed time-saving Canva templates for bloggers, coaches and creatives.

8. Canva Pro Subscription as Blogging Gift for Design Savvy Blogger

Canva is one of the most popular DIY graphic design tool most bloggers and online entrepreneurs use to create blog graphics.

Any blogger will be so happy to receive Canva pro subscription from you. This tool is one of my best tools and has reshaped my business.

Results from a survey I did on the types of blogging gifts bloggers want. Most Bloggers, happily said they love Canva, and that, it is worth every dime.

9. Protect their Blog Legally by Gifting a Blogger Legal Pages:

Any blogger needs legal pages to protect their blog and business to avoid getting into legal trouble.

A legal page Bundle is one great blogging gift idea that you can gift to your friend or family member that is a blogger.

Help them protect their brand new blog or already established blog with Amira law’s affordable legal pages bundles for Bloggers.

Amira is a lawyer and also a blogger, she understands all you need to protect your business, and this will save you the cost of hiring an attorney.

10. Email Automation Tools as a Gift for a Blogger:

Email marketing is one aspect of blogging that is important to any blogger or online business.

Most bloggers, while trying to save cost use Mailchimp, and this is so limiting and can make a blogger’s email marketing wack.

You can gift a blogger the best email marketing tool, Flodesk that is made specifically for bloggers and designers.

READ: Why Flodesk is the best email marketing  tool for Bloggers and small businesses

11. Creative Blog Planners from Straycurls:

Blog planners are so useful, and one of the best blogging gifts for a blogger is Blog planner.

A blog planner is different from a stationary or the regular planner as a blog planner is specifically for Bloggers.

One of my favourite Blog planners is this creative 45 pages printable blog planner from Straycurls. This blogging gift is just for $7.


Final Thoughts on Best Blogging Gifts For a Blogger

Successful blogging is a long term game, and any blogger will be glad if you can buy them a blogging gift as a form of support on encouragements.

These blogging gifts will be useful for both beginner and pro bloggers. So, what blogging gifts will you be buying for the blogger?

What are your thoughts on these blogging gifts? If you are a blogger, is there any gift idea here that you will be glad to have?

Found this useful, save for later!

10 practical gift ideas for serious bloggers